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What You Need to Know About Brazilian Wine

Although Brazil has been producing wine for nearly 500 years, the country’s wine industry is still figuring out its modern identity by exploring different wine styles, grapes, and viticultural methods

From left to right: A Tale of The Forest by Glenmorangie with illustrated packaging by Pomme Chan. Bruichladdich has dropped the tin for its Port Charlotte range. Midleton Very Rare and its newly designed recyclable box.

Does Premium Whiskey Need a Box?

Secondary packaging signifies a bottle’s collectable status in the premium whiskey market, but, now that sustainability is top of mind, consumers are shifting their priorities

A close up of someone trimming grape vines

The Science Behind Noble Rot Wines

Botrytis cinerea can ruin a grape harvest—or lead to some of the world’s most coveted wines. Researchers investigate why this happens and how it affects both the grapes and the finished wine


How Multi-Generational Families Define Médoc Winemaking

While they might not all enjoy global name recognition, the region’s many legacy families nurture fresh talent with a long-term commitment to the vineyard, the wines, and the culture

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Methoxypyrazines are present in the well-known Bordeaux family of grapes, but viticulture and vinification impact pyrazine levels in finished wines. Photos by Adobe Stock and Alex Russan.

The Science of Pyrazines in Wine

Understanding the divisive aroma compounds best known for creating green notes like bell pepper and grass in Bordeaux grapes