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The TTB’s Category Problem

Baijiu expert Derek Sandhaus explains how the TTB creates confusion and limits diversity by ignoring a wide range of distillates, from soju to aguardiente


What is Natural Wine?

A new definition aims to bring clarity and consensus to the polarizing category, yet it may have the opposite effect


The Future of Trade Tastings

Wine fairs and portfolio tastings are canceled around the world. When will they return, how can they evolve, and—in the meantime—what can take their place?


How Italy’s Wine Estates Are Transcending Regional Character

Sardinia’s Cantina Mesa and Tuscany’s Lamole di Lamole are worlds apart in climate and terrain, but the two estates are united in elevating their wines by optimizing terroir

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Rebuilding Your Restaurant’s Wine Program

To minimize purchasing spend and energy, beverage directors are streamlining programs, rethinking pricing, and taking advantage of deep deals