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3 Ways the Message Rep Button Can Help You Save Time

Get a price quote, check product availability, and request a sample—with just one button

It’s a busy Thursday night behind the bar or on the floor. You have questions to ask your rep, but you don’t have time to look up the necessary product details and draft a lengthy email to your rep with all your questions.

That’s where the Message Rep button comes in. With the Message Rep button, you can quickly look up product information and ask your rep about discount pricing, product availability, or request samples—in just minutes.

The Message Rep button is easy to find. You’ll see it underneath the product information in search results, on product detail pages, and in your product lists. After you click the Message Rep button, choose from one of the following message templates: price quote, product availability, sample request, other. Each message template includes a pre-drafted email that contains your question, the product information, and the product link. When you’re ready, click “send” to instantly send your question to your sales rep. Your rep will receive your inquiry and reply back to you directly.

3 Ways to Use the Message Rep Button

Get a Price Quote

Let’s say you’re searching for half bottles of Pinot Noir and stumble upon a product that seems like a good fit for your wine program—but only if there’s a quantity discount. To find out, click the Message Rep button and select “Price quote” from the “Message template” drop-down menu. The message field instantly pre-populates with the item information your rep needs to get back to you with a custom price quote.

Check Product Availability

One of your longtime customers is interested in buying multiple cases of a particular kind of Riesling for a corporate event—and he needs it next week. You log in to SevenFifty, find the product, but notice there’s limited availability. Choose the “Product availability” message template to ask your rep to confirm whether or not the product is available.

Request Samples

You’re searching for a domestic Chardonnay by-the-glass and find one that fits the flavor profile you’re looking for—and it’s in your price range. You want your rep to bring a sample for you to taste ASAP. Ask your rep to bring the Chardonnay on their next visit by selecting the “Sample request” template.

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