Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

Dr. Jacopo Mazzeo is a U.K.-based freelance drinks journalist, consultant, and photographer. He contributes to leading trade and consumer publications including Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, Whisky Magazine, and Good Beer Hunting. Jacopo consults on consumer trends and marketing strategies, is a former sommelier, and judges international wine, beer, and spirits competitions. Before he embraced full-time journalism, he studied musicology at the University of Bologna and took a PhD at the University of Southampton. Follow Jacopo on Instagram @jacopomazzeophoto


View from inside a wine barrel

The Science of Flor Yeast

Best known for its role in sherry and vin jaune, flor imparts unique structure and flavor to wine. What conditions create a veil of flor—and how, exactly, does it impact wine style?


Are Island Wine Regions Under Threat?

Vineyards on Pantelleria, Madeira, and Santorini boast centuries of winemaking heritage, but mass tourism and the modernization of society are putting their survival at risk