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Founded by a trailblazing Oregon winemaker, ROCO Winery is a forward-thinking, innovative brand that is showcasing the potential of Willamette Valley wines. And with a mind towards sustainability and new winemaking techniques, the ROCO team continues to push the brand—and the region—into the future.

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When ROCO Winery was founded more than 20 years ago in Oregon, the state was still seen as an emerging wine territory. It would take a substantial amount of work, determination, and a trailblazing spirit to establish Oregon as a globally recognized wine region. With a commitment to Oregon viticulture and a firm desire to explore the potential of the Willamette Valley, ROCO Winery was founded on this innovative spirit.

ROCO Winery’s winemaker Rollin Soles was an early pioneer in the region. He made his way to Oregon in 1983 after cutting his teeth in Switzerland, Australia, and California wine regions. When he arrived, Soles was confronted with an expansive landscape of varying soil types, high diurnal shifts, a significant rain shadow, and acre after acre of potential vineyard sites; In short, ideal land for winemaking.

Today, ROCO Winery is showcasing the winemaking potential of Oregon that the team first envisioned while driving innovation in the winery.

ROCO’s Stalker Pinot Noir, named after the Australian word for stalks, uses a new fermentation method that Soles created to develop deeper, richer flavors. The grapes are destemmed and cold-soaked for 10 days. At the same time, the stems are collected and aged for seven days under inert gas before being added back to the maceration. Twice daily punchdowns integrate tannins and flavors throughout the fermentation process. The result is a wine that is both capable of aging and delicious upon release. The aged stems add lavender, spice, and forest floor notes that play well with the classic red-fruit character of Oregon Pinot Noir.

The winery furthers its forward-thinking ethos with a commitment to sustainability. The winery is certified LIVE Sustainable and Salmon Safe. The LIVE certification, which stands for low input viticulture and enology, ensures that the winery minimizes environmental and social impacts while maximizing long-term agricultural and economic sustainability. Salmon Safe works to eliminate erosion and hillside runoff that can end up in streams and threaten native salmon species.

From its pioneering origins to its envelope-pushing winemaking techniques, ROCO Winery represents a truly forward-thinking winery.

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