The rich history of the Bisol1542 wine brand dates back to the year 1542, when the Bisol family first began tending vines in the Valdobbiadene area of Italy

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At the helm of the winery today are Gianluca Bisol, the president, and his brother Desiderio, the chief enologist and technical director. This latest generation of Bisols draw on the full span of their family’s 500-year winemaking tradition to produce a range of organically farmed and internationally recognized Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG crus.

A sub-appellation of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG, the Prosecco Superiore DOCG is an important reference point for quality in the region, and Bisol1542 has remained a favorite premium Italian sparkling wine among longtime wine enthusiasts as well as those who are new to the wine market. Millennials in particular are looking for bottles with an excellent quality-to-price ratio, and Prosecco Superiore fits the bill—it’s food-friendly but refined and nuanced enough to enjoy on its own. This wine is beloved for its versatility and elegance that seamlessly elevate any occasion. 

With more than 20 vineyards situated in the most prolific areas for production—including the renowned Cartizze Hill—the Bisol family places the utmost importance on promoting vine health through environmentally sustainable winemaking techniques. Long at the forefront of viticulture methodology in Valdobbiadene, Bisol1542’s vinification is completed in-cellar, to maintain the different expressions of its unique range of vines and soil compositions.

The Cartizze zone is home to rich soils, slopes, and vineyard exposure, and the Bisol family has taken advantage of its composition for generations to showcase the essence of the Glera grape. The wines made from this variety are the very highest quality—akin to a grand cru of Prosecco. Using natural fermentation methods to enhance the individual characters of each plot, the winemakers constantly seek out new expressions that are then revealed in their Private Collection.  

Bisol1542’s Prosecco Superiore is enjoyed in more than 70 countries throughout the world, with 82 percent of the company’s output being exported. With the international market request for sparkling wines increasing steadily year over year—the United Kingdom alone consumes more than 100 million bottles annually, three times the amount of Champagne—Bisol1542 is set to have an open invitation at parties and special occasions around the world. 

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