Cantina Mesa

Residing at the intersection of nature and culture, Cantina Mesa represents Sardinia’s heartbeat. Through Carignano and Vermentino wines that echo the terroir of the wild Sulcis zone, this producer seamlessly integrates the island’s history and natural beauty into a cohesive, rich narrative.

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Cantina Mesa was founded in 2004. The family-owned winery was established as an ode to the culture, land, and generosity of Sardinia, a Mediterranean island steeped in natural beauty and rich history. The word mesa means table in Sardinian, evoking the nostalgia of a meal enjoyed with family and friends, the nourishment of simplistic home-cooked food, and the serenity of convivial conversation.

The winery’s 66 hectares of vineyards are located in Sulcis, an area in southwest Sardinia that offers wild biodiversity as well as a prime location between the Mediterranean and the island’s mountainous landscape. This is the oldest geological area of Sardinia, home to sandy soils and marine breezes, which mitigate the intense summer heat. 

Respect for the environment is also of the utmost importance to Cantina Mesa.

The winery employs sustainable vineyard practices—absent of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides—which in turn benefits the people who work the vines and the surrounding community of farmers and shepherds who rely on the land.

The essence of Sulcis is captured in two defining grapes: Carignano (also known as Carignan in France or Cariñena in Spain) and Vermentino. Boasting much of the island’s Carignano plantings, Sulcis has a long history with this red grape and harbors many old, ungrafted, bush-trained vines that thrive in the region’s vineyards. Thanks to the region’s proximity to the sea, Carignano from Sulcis tends to be fresh, easy-drinking, and lighter in body than other styles. 

As Sardinia’s signature white grape, Vermentino has adapted well to Sulcis’ terroir. This enticing grape produces a range of styles, from citrus and herbal to tropical fruit and floral, offering the perfect opportunity to discover this grape. Many examples show a touch of salinity, which evokes the region’s seaside vineyards.

These grapes are showcased in two of Cantina Mesa’s well-balanced and polished wines.

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The Buio Carignano is a ruby-hued red that marries ripe red berry flavors with warm spice and wild Mediterranean herbs, making it an exceptionally versatile wine that can pair with foods from grilled tuna and game birds to hard cheeses. The Giunco Vermentino displays bright citrus and tropical fruit flavors along with energetic salty notes. A zesty, brisk white wine, it showcases the Sulcis terroir as well as the elegant, crystal-clear house style of Cantina Mesa; it pairs well with seafood, fresh herb salads, and semi-hard cheeses.

The winery’s portfolio is wrapped in striking, modernist packaging that gently nods to the traditions and history of Sardinia. As an homage to the culture and people of the land, the svelte, gentle curve of the opaque, black bottles evoke the silhouette of a Sardinian woman in traditional garb, while each label displays a geometric print that echoes the unique hand-woven tapestries typical of the island.

Cantina Mesa successfully taps into Sardinia’s unique landscape and cultural heritage to create wines that showcase the extraordinary beauty of this singular island.