With innovative packaging that’s an homage to the automobile culture of Piedmont, EnGINe is a London Dry gin that is particularly expressive of its region and country—made with 100-percent Italian ingredients.

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Gin is a global spirit that, depending on the ingredients, can reflect the bounty of where it’s made. EnGINe gin does just that by using 100-percent Italian ingredients, from Italian juniper to Piedmont and Ligurian sage and Sicilian lemons. And with craftsmanship and design at the heart of the brand, EnGINe is a distilled gin that stands out on store shelves and behind the bar.

The spirit alternative packaging. Instead of a traditional glass bottle, EnGINe comes in a 750-milliliter tin can with a screw cap. It’s immediately recognizable as a reference to the iconic shape of an engine oil container, as well as the oil cans for the two-wheeled Vespa, Ciao, and Sì vehicles that are so symbolic in the country. 

The graphic design further reinforces the motor sport connection with accent marks like a crest with a motor inside and the laurels, symbols of the racing competitions victories. The front of the can plays with racing verbiage, like the phrase “fuel the dream” just under the EnGINe brand name.

The formula of the gin pays homage to Italy just as much as the packaging. It’s made with calming sage from Liguria and Piedmont and energizing Amalfi and Sicilian Coast lemons, both of which have historically been used in the sweet rosolio liqueurs made in this part of Italy for centuries. Relaxing Damask rose adds a touch of florality, while the requisite juniper ties the wheat-based spirit together. The sage leaves add a slightly bitter finish that’s balanced by the sweet notes of Calabrian liquorice root.

All this makes EnGINe a true representation of Piedmont and of the country as a whole: The 100-percent organic ingredients are sourced entirely from Italy. 

Through production and packaging, entrepreneur and consultant in fashion and spirits Paolo Dalla Mora marries the racing vehicles and motors that Langhe is famous for with true Italian gin. It’s fitting that he was first inspired to create EnGINe while working on his bike in a Barbaresco garage and drinking the traditional Langa digestif of lemon peel, sage, and hot water. 

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EnGINe is the perfect spirit for straightforward drinks like a gin and tonic or Gin Fizz, which lets the flavors shine. The gin also mixes nicely into a Martini, though instead of an olive or twist, an EnGINe Martini should always be served with a sage leaf garnish to bring out the aromas that make it special. 

For fans of racing, Italian spirits, and characterful gin alike, EnGINe is the perfect spirit to keep stocked for a pit stop.