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The Herzog family—owners of Royal Wine Company and Herzog Wine Cellars—can be credited with revolutionizing U.S. perceptions of kosher wine quality, but their journey hasn’t always been easy. The Herzog Lineage line of wines pays tribute to that legacy with seven delicious kosher wines for every palate.

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For more than 200 years, the Herzog family name has been synonymous with the kind of kosher wines that not only challenge preconceived notions about the category, but that demolish them in the most exquisite way. With Herzog Wine Cellars’ latest line of wines, Herzog Lineage, they are changing the kosher wine game yet again.

Everything about Herzog Lineage is as quality-driven as possible: All but one of the wines in this series are estate grown by Herzog Wine Cellars. This allows Herzog to maintain incredible quality and expressiveness at a price that is far below what the liquid itself implies: All seven SKUs are $20.

The Herzog Lineage project has been a long time coming—two centuries, to be exact. It all began modestly in early-1800s Slovakia, when Rabbi Menachem Herzog founded a winery, brewery, and distillery. In short order, the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Franz-Josef, began pouring the family’s wines at the royal court.

Fast-forward to 1948, and the Herzog family arrived in New York because Slovakia was no longer safe for Jewish families, even—or especially—prominent ones like theirs. Eugene Herzog found work as a sales manager, truck driver, and winemaker with Royal Wine Company. In less than a decade, he would own the company and build it into the worldwide benchmark in kosher wines that it is today.

Now at the helm of the Royal Wine Company ship is Mordy Herzog, who has expanded the company in ways that his ancestors, nine generations ago, could hardly have imagined. And with the Herzog Lineage line of wine, the family’s journey in wine has come full circle.

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These seven wines have deep roots in the California appellations in which their fruit has been grown. The Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, is pure Paso Robles, with its generous berries and subtle hint of tobacco. The Sauvignon Blanc, with its focus on the Musqué clone from Lake County, is aromatically complex, cut through with lime, and tastes like it should cost way more than it does.

The Herzog family made its name producing wine for the emperor’s court generations ago. In the 21st century, with Lineage, they are bringing that same history and expertise to a line-up of wines that are priced for everyone. History is repeating itself, but in the most democratic, delicious way possible.