Jameson Orange

Building on the brand’s previous success with flavored whiskey, Jameson’s latest foray into the category offers a zesty orange twist. The natural pairing combines a well-balanced, subtly sweet flavor with the ultra-smooth texture Jameson is known for.

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Jameson is the quintessential blended Irish whiskey, triple-distilled and matured in casks from the United States and Spain to deliver that ultra-smooth texture and toasted flavor. They’ve been perfecting Irish whiskey for over 200 years, but today there’s a growing audience thirsty for flavored spirits, as well as a tranche of curious whiskey fans who are eager for a little experimentation––especially when executed with Jameson’s commitment to craft.  

For the classic whiskey brand, innovation comes in the form of subtle blends, or, in this case, a touch of zest. Arriving on U.S. shelves and in bars from January, Jameson Orange is a flavored whiskey, pairing Jameson’s distinctive smooth taste with natural orange flavor to create a well-balanced taste with just a touch of sweetness. This latest expression builds on the brand’s previous successes: Jameson Cold Brew, made using Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil, and the Jameson Caskmates series, which finishes the whiskey in craft stout or IPA barrels.

While Jameson Orange is the brand’s first whiskey to feature fruit, citrus has proven popular with spirit drinkers and naturally complements whiskey, conjuring the flavors of an Old Fashioned. The new blend meets the nose with a fresh orange aroma; the taste offers a zesty citrus hit with notes of nutty vanilla and all the mouthfeel of the original Jameson. 

For the home bar and the back bar, Jameson Orange offers versatility, working just as well neat, on the rocks, or to raise the game of a classic cocktail, such as the Jameson Orange Mule, with ginger beer and Angostura bitters, or the Jameson Orange Crush, lightened with triple sec, orange juice, Sprite, and served long. 

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Flavored whiskeys are driving volume for the whiskey industry. Nielsen reported the subcategory grew more than 34 percent by volume in 2020, compared to 18 percent growth for the total whiskey sector. Jameson Orange offers a new way for aficionados to explore the category, and its flavor profile offers a more accessible entry point for the uninitiated. 

In recent years, flavored whiskeys have shaken off the stigma previously attached to them and matured, with new options offering more nuanced and subtle blends for serious drinkers. With Jameson selling 7.6 million cases worldwide in 2020, this latest addition to the portfolio––and to the flavored whiskey category as a whole––looks set to continue that upward trajectory.