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Thanks to increasing demand, news of sparkling wine supply shortages—and subsequent price hikes—has reverberated for months. Just as sparkling wine sales spike during the holidays, Le Grand Courtâge is ready to support trade and consumers alike with approachable prices and plenty of stock of their festive French sparkling wines.

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Le Grand Courtâge, the Burgundy-based sparkling wine brand founded by female entrepreneur Tawyna Falkner, is courting sparkling wine lovers this holiday season with its Blanc de Blancs Brut and Brut Rosé, available in both 750-milliliter and 187-milliliter formats. These offerings deliver on the signature, celebratory “pop” of bubbly without supply chain issues or price hikes. By taking an early position on stock levels, Le Grand Courtâge is ready to deliver affordable, delicious French sparkling wines through the holiday season and into 2022.

Le Grand Courtâge blends grapes from across France’s best-known regions—including premier vineyard sites in the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Beaujolais—to create dry wines with a crystalline balance of acidity, fresh fruit, and floral notes. The grapes—including a combination of traditional sparkling wine grapes like Chardonnay and uncommon varieties like Gamay, Chenin Blanc, Ugni Blanc, and Colombard—undergo a cooler, slower fermentation to create fine bubbles and a delicate perlage. This creates sparkling wines with elegant structure and approachable, easygoing flavor profiles.

With its “Live Joyously” philosophy at the forefront, Le Grand Courtâge is supporting buyers with serious investment in consumer engagement, including unique virtual and in-person promotions. In addition to tastings and cocktail demos across a variety of platforms, the brand has reintroduced its Paris Getaway Giveaway, which offers the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Paris, following a pandemic hiatus. 

“The Paris Getaway is one of our largest marketing investments each year, and especially this year people need joy and excitement after the challenges of the past two years,” says Falkner. “Le Grand Courtâge is about celebrating life, elevating everyday experiences and living joyously.” The giveaway runs through December 31, 2021.

According to Nielsen IQ, sparkling wine consumption has expanded by over 12 percent in 2021 to date, leading to supply shortages which could last into the new year. Le Grand Courtâge, one of the top-selling brands in Nielsen’s premium category, embraced this trend early, increasing their stateside inventory levels in order to provide its partners with a steady supply of high-quality sparkling wines. 

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“We had to take an early position on stock levels, anticipating the challenges in our category, by increasing our stock levels by close to 50 percent,” says Falkner, who notes Le Grand Courtâge pricing will hold steady throughout the holiday season. “We are ready with plenty of bubbles to spread joy through the holiday season and beyond.” 

Combined, the Grand Courtâge portfolio provides a grand opportunity for both on- and off-premise locations alike given the price, packaging, and of course, delicious flavor. “Food and wine are the great common denominator,” says Falkner. “The pop of the cork truly is the universal sound of happy.”