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As consumers increasingly value sustainability, Mijenta is proving that super-premium, high-quality tequila can also be environmentally responsible.

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The desire for super-premium tequila shows no signs of slowing. At the same time, consumers are increasingly seeking companies that do good for both the environment and for the local community. Enter Mijenta, which is proving that quality tequila and a sustainability-first mindset can go hand in hand.

Mijenta launched in September 2020 and is crafted by maestra tequilera Ana Maria Romero. The renowned and awarded tequila expert guides Mijenta from harvest to bottle, shaping the tequila around four core pillars: sustainability, community, authenticity, and artisanal production. 

Naturally, it all starts with the agave. Mijenta’s fields forgo pesticides and herbicides, allowing for a diversity of life that adds to the special taste of Mijenta’s tequila. Commitment to the land extends to the packaging, as well, which can be a major contributor to a typical distillery’s carbon footprint. 

Mijenta’s commitment to sustainability begins with their paper-related packaging materials. Mijenta uses agave waste, called bagasse, and coffee bean bags for a strong, sustainable, Guadalajara-made paper. All glass components, including the stopper, are recycled. To continue their dedication to sustainability, Mijenta is transitioning to biodegradable shrink wraps for 2022 packaging.

Outside of the distillery and industry, the company works with the non-profit Whales of Guerrero to monitor, research, and protect the whales living off the coast of Guerrero. This commitment to protect the environment is practiced in the U.S. as well. Mijenta works with several environmental charities that focus on cleaning beaches and lake fronts across the country.

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The sustainable-first mindset extends to people, too—fittingly, the name is a play on “mi gente,” which means “my people.” The Mijenta Community Foundation supports the jimador community members working to preserve their ancestral skills.  Annual donations are made to support health and education initiatives in the Arandas area.

In addition to sustainability, every step of Mijenta’s artisanal production process prioritizes quality. Romero hand-selects only the best, fully mature Blue Weber agave grown in the red clay soil in the Highlands region of Jalisco. The maestra tequilera carefully chose Mijenta’s yeast strains and meticulously monitors the fermentation process, which is done over a longer time period than typical tequilas.

Finally, double distillation brings the tequila to life before it’s bottled unfiltered to further allow the unique character of the spirit to shine through.

Mijenta’s attention to detail has paid off. It launched with a blanco that entered the market to high praise from critics. That was followed by an equally loved reposado that, like the soon-to-launch añejo, is entirely made from the brand’s blanco—something not always done at other brands.

All of Mijenta’s aspects from production to culture come together to make an artisanal tequila that’s sustainable, people-first, and highly drinkable.