The Art & Science of Wine Retail


Even in this digital age, the wine business is still, ultimately, about moving product. There are lots of ways to do it, but you can always find ways to sell more. That’s where The Art & Science of Wine Retail comes in. This 200-page reference book for wine retailers is designed to help you move more wine, make more money, and improve every aspect of your business. 

This advertising content was produced in collaboration with our partner Liam Belgrave.

Breezy in tone but jammed with practical advice, The Art & Science of Wine Retail covers how to run every inch of a physical store, plus all the less visible aspects—inventory and purchasing, staffing, online presence, and more. 

Highlights include:

  • A deep dive on product differentiation, including how to shelve wines from $5.99 to $599.
  • Lessons on the golden rule of margins (go low on best-sellers, high on exclusives).
  • Staff management secrets (why bonuses are better than commissions, and what every employee must know before taking a shift).
  • Display do’s and don’ts (themes, end-caps, and sales should get pointedly different treatment).


The sales and marketing aspects of the book are especially rich in ideas and detail. The author—a veteran wine merchant who uses the pen name Liam Belgrave to ensure his independence—shares the skinny on how to write short-and-sweet wine descriptions and when to go with longer ones (hint: it’s for a set of wines, not a single bottle); and why loyalty clubs may hurt more than they help. He even details how to move lesser-known wines—like a Xysisteri from Cyprus—without even lifting a finger (let alone hand-selling).  

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The book also has advice on how to deal efficiently and effectively with distributors, and how to handle customer returns and special orders with equal aplomb. And the real-world tips capture the spectrum of the market, from case stacks through meet-the-winemaker dinners.

The Art & Science of Wine Retail is a valuable tool for anyone who owns, manages, or works in a retail wine business. Is it “old school”? You bet. So is making money. The bottom line is the bottom line. The Art & Science of Wine Retail will pay for itself in the money you make and save.