Rosa Regale

Made for celebrating all of life’s moments—even the small ones—Rosa Regale’s new sparkling white is the perfect complement to the brand’s iconic, ruby-hued sparkling red. With consumers increasingly reaching for fun and festive Italian sparkling wines, particularly those with a touch of sweetness, Rosa Regale fits in restaurant and retail programs alike.

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Once reserved for special occasions like anniversaries, graduations, and New Year’s Eve, consumers have embraced sparkling wine as an everyday indulgence, a celebration of all of life’s moments, no matter how small. This trend has shined a particular spotlight on Italian sparkling wines—and not just Prosecco—which have emerged as playful, approachable, and unpretentious go-to beverages. 

Cue Banfi’s Rosa Regale. Fun, sweet, and easy to love, Rosa Regale is the “everyday fancy” that is really working in the beverage alcohol space and can add fantastic value to both restaurant and retail wine programs. The iconic Rosa Regale sparkling red gets its distinctive ruby hue from the native Brachetto grape, grown in Piemonte’s historic Acqui Terme region.

Despite a varietal story that dates back to Cleopatra, Rosa Regale has leveraged the power of social media to expand its audience, create exposure and stay relevant. From teaming up with a Bachelorette influencer for a pre-viewing session of ABC’s The Bachelorette to a recent collaboration inspiring fashion illustrators on Instagram, not to mention a notable presence at LA Fashion Week, Rosa Regale is front and center with today’s consumer. 

This year, Rosa Regale Sparkling Red celebrates its 20th anniversary with its first line extension: Rosa Regale Sparkling White, an Asti DOCG made from Moscato Bianco. Both wines feature the Rosa Regale hallmarks: sparkling, fresh acidity, and a delicious sweetness. At about 7% ABV, Rosa Regale wines can be interesting low-alcohol options, and each is available in a single-serve 187-milliliter bottle—perfect for outdoor gatherings, cocktails, and of course, dessert lists. 

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Though Rosa Regale wines can be sipped as a sweet treat or paired with dessert, they are also a secret weapon of mixologists—these versatile sparkling wines can be used to craft unique cocktails at home or behind the restaurant bar. While Rosa Regale can inspire inventive new cocktails, they also add incredible flavor, aromatics, and effervescence to classic favorites like sangria, mimosas, and spritzes.

With remarkably well-balanced sweetness, refreshing acidity, lively fizz, and appealing aromatics that jump from the glass, Rosa Regale sparkling red and white will satisfy restaurant guests just as well as they do retail customers, making them must-haves for every wine program.