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With Silk & Spice, Portuguese winemakers revisit the Age of Discovery, paying homage to the era’s historic maritime explorers. Named after trade routes that transported new flavors around the world, this red blend captures the spirit of today’s inquisitive explorer with its silky tannins and bold notes of spice.

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At the dawn of the 15th century, Portuguese explorers hoisted sails and set out to etch new pathways through the Atlantic Ocean, ready to chart new courses. These sailors were the vanguards of the Age of Discovery. 

Six hundred years later, the winemakers at Sogrape Vinhos are paying homage to their ancestors with Silk & Spice, a red blend designed to capture the adventurous spirit and named after trade routes from Europe to the Indian Ocean. The bottle’s label illustrates an original 15th-century map of the Bay of Bengal, the Portuguese coat of arms, and a historic Portuguese ship that nods to the heritage of this wine and its ability to appeal to palates all over the world. 

Red blends have captured world-wide attention, and Silk & Spice is now the 17th fastest-growing brand in both volume and value in the top 60 red blend brands between $9 and $14.99 as measured across Nielsen’s off-premise channels for the latest 52-week period ending March 26, 2022. Silk & Spice experienced 35.4 percent volume growth and 30.4 percent value growth versus the year prior. With so much momentum, Silk & Spice is poised to continue its impressive growth.

Drawing from a deep understanding of how to craft world-class blends, Silk & Spice’s winemakers embark on a new adventure—this time by creating a new blend of indigenous Portuguese grapes, including Touriga Nacional and Baga. The wine, made to suit a wide range of palates, is crafted in a softer, easier-drinking style than traditional Portuguese blends, while remaining nuanced and intriguing. The winemakers at Sogrape Vinhos apply the art of blending to create a top-quality wine year after year, ensuring both reliability and consistency. Blending also creates complexity in the wine by enhancing different layers of aromas and flavor profiles.

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New trade routes introduced Europe to silks and spices such as cinnamon, clove, pepper, and nutmeg. Silk & Spice pays tribute to this with a silky-smooth wine that has aromas of blackberries and ripe plums along with a spicy underbelly of vanilla, black pepper, and pink peppercorn. Soft tannins and bright acidity balance the full-bodied wine. Well suited to all seasons, Silk & Spice Red Blend is a perfect year-round shelf stocker or by-the-glass pour.