SKYY Vodka

The iconic SKYY Vodka relaunched on June 1 with an enhanced liquid and new package design that emphasizes the brand’s San Francisco origins.

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When San Francisco’s SKYY Vodka launched in 1992, it redefined the American vodka category. The brand was one of the early pioneers of the state-of-the-art, quadruple-distilled, triple-filtration production process that yields a clean, smooth-tasting vodka with fewer impurities.

Now SKYY is ready to change the game yet again. Relaunching with an evolution to its iconic liquid and an elegant, elevated redesign to its iconic cobalt blue bottle, SKYY is pushing the premium vodka category forward with a new generation of vodka drinkers in mind, while firmly emphasizing its San Francisco roots.

Pacific Minerals

SKYY originally launched with the goal of creating a perfect martini by crafting an exceptionally smooth vodka. Nearly 30 years later, while consumers still clamor for vodka, they consume it in different ways, gravitating towards dry, refreshing mixers like soda water for casual get-togethers and everyday sipping.

Now in pursuit of a better vodka and soda, the brand’s liquid evolution enhances this classic cocktail, using natural elements of its California home. SKYY Vodka is now made with water enriched by minerals, including Pacific minerals from the San Francisco Bay Area, and the distillate is filtered through California limestone. The result is a gluten-free vodka with subtle minerality and salinity.

To create this liquid refresh, SKYY called upon a diverse group of experts with complementary expertise, including a water sommelier, a chemist, and an expert bartender. Each one brought their unique point of view, and together they discovered the distinctive superiority that minerals could bring to vodka. In the process, more than 35 liquid samples were created and evaluated. In the end, our collective created a high-quality vodka that offers the perfect base for a better tasting vodka and soda.

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Emphasizing Provenance

Though the SKYY brand has always been connected to its San Francisco home, this refresh reaffirms that intrinsic tie through both liquid and packaging design.

While the SKYY bottle maintains its iconic blue hue, the color is more natural, designed to blend seamlessly with outdoor settings and casual gatherings. While its modernized flair hints at sleek cosmopolitan life, the glass is also imbued with ridges that mimic the waves of the Pacific Ocean, once again nodding to SKYY’s San Francisco origin.

A lot has changed since the brand first helped define luxury in the American premium vodka category in 1992. While clarity and smoothness remain essential, consumers are now clamoring for flavor, taste, and authenticity in their vodka. 

SKYY checks all of those boxes while simultaneously remaining true to its roots. Even as modern vodka consumers evolve, SKYY has proven that it will, too, as it continues to set the standard for premium vodka.