Mendoza’s TILIA Wines is demonstrating measurable sustainability practices and putting them front and center. By vocally illustrating its commitment to sustainable winemaking right on the front label, TILIA hopes to lead a global industry movement towards a more sustainable future.

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As eco-conscious consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their wine-drinking choices, sustainability has emerged as one of the wine industry’s most fashionable buzzwords. Like many popular terms, however, it’s easily abused, with countless brands publicly boasting of a commitment to sustainable principles, yet few demonstrating measurable sustainability practices in the vineyard and cellar.

This is precisely the situation that Mendoza, Argentina wine brand TILIA, a pioneer of sustainable winemaking, has dedicated itself to changing. Sustainability is integral to every aspect of TILIA’s business, from vineyard and winery to employees and the local community. And by vocally illustrating its commitment to sustainable winemaking, going as far as to feature specific sustainability actions on its front labels, TILIA hopes to inspire other global wineries to integrate and demonstrate sustainable practices.

“Sustainability has been part of our traditional farming culture in Argentina for generations,” says Guillermina Van Houten, vineyard sustainability specialist for TILIA.  “We the people are part of the ecosystem, and we are committed to preserving our nature and our traditions for the generations to come.”

Named after the species of linden tree that symbolizes the slow pace and spiritual life of rural Mendoza, TILIA was the first brand to carry on its label the certified sustainability seal from the Bodegas de Argentina organization, a chamber of producers that created a special commission in 2010 to establish a clear protocol for social, economic, and environmental responsibility in the Argentine wine industry.

Given the winery’s pioneering efforts, it comes as no surprise that TILIA consistently puts sustainability at the forefront today—quite literally, by featuring its specific sustainability commitments on the front label, in the form of five different symbols.

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It all begins in the vineyard, of course. “Deeply Rooted” refers to TILIA’s respect for water as a precious resource, using drip irrigation to strictly control the amount of water utilized. Vine roots also dig deep into irrigation canals developed centuries ago by the native Huarpe people. TILIA works to protect and encourage local plants, insects, and animals in its vineyards with the “Thriving on Biodiversity” sustainability pillar, creating a holistic environment for vines to flourish. And “Natural Resilience” nods to the traditional farming practices that have allowed TILIA to avoid harsh interventions in the vineyard, nourishing the soil.

But TILIA’s sustainability initiatives also extend to the winery’s culture and employees. “Social Sustainability” highlights the array of social and educational programs for staff, including daycare for the children of winery and vineyard workers, while “Stronger Together” affirms the company’s core values and commitment to diversity.

“Every bottle of TILIA tells the story of sustainability in Argentina and aims to start a movement for sustainable living around the world,” says Van Houten.

These values inform TILIA’s entire lineup of white and red wines sourced from vineyards in the Uco Valley and the eastern and central regions of Mendoza. Ranging from a bright, citrusy Torrontés and a floral, mineral-driven Chardonnay to velvety reds from grapes like Malbec, a Malbec-Syrah blend, Bonarda, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, each bottle brings TILIA one step closer to achieving its ultimate goal of leading a global effort to push the wine industry toward a more sustainable future.

As an extension of their initiatives supporting sustainability in their community and vineyards, TILIA has partnered with Slow Food USA to develop educational programs designed to engage and inspire everyone to live a more sustainable life.