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A proprietary process allows Two Trees Beverages to address consumer demand for premium, sustainable products—without compromising flavor or the environment. This sustainably matured, wood-crafted portfolio of spirits includes a diverse variety of flavored whiskeys that deliver premium, barrel-aged taste.

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The need for sustainable wine, beer, and spirits production has never been more pressing, and Two Trees Beverage Co. is ready to lead the charge. Using two eco-friendly processes, Two Trees produces sustainably matured, wood-crafted beverage alcohol products. Whether you enjoy the rich taste of classic spirits or the irresistible cascade of flavors and aromas, Two Trees has something for every occasion.

Two Trees Beverage Co. includes a robust portfolio of sustainably matured spirits, including the Two Trees Wood Crafted Bourbon, a wood-crafted vodka, and a 12-SKU flavored whiskey collection (including Crisp Apple, Scorched Brown Sugar, Batch 314, Cinnamon Spice, Peanut Butter, Sea Salted Caramel, Candy Apple, Carolina Peach, Michigan Cherry, Pumpkin Spice, Golden Honey, and Peppermint). They also produce the Two Trees Folklore series, which includes two bourbons, a rye, and a single malt whiskey, plus two ready-to-drink cocktails including an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan.

It is no secret that wood enhances the flavor of premium spirits, as many alcohol brands continue to use barrel aging to meet consumer demand for the special and unique flavor characteristics that come from wood. However, these delicious flavors typically come at a price, and the environment feels the effects, including deforestation and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from aging loss and warehousing. 

Today, Two Trees Beverage Co. is taking on the challenge of creating the same great-tasting, wood-crafted spirits while reducing their carbon footprint through more sustainable production and maturation processes that reduce deforestation to help combat climate change. Without compromising flavor, their eco-friendly, efficient, proprietary process reduces the standard 25 trees used to make 50 barrels to just two.

The impact of this reduction is substantial and long-lasting: Generally, an oak tree grows for 70 or more years before it’s felled to make between one and three barrels. By requiring far less wood, the Two Trees process decreases wood dependency by 90 percent through its sustainable maturation process compared to traditional barrel-aging.

This is important because trees help combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the air—and subsequently protecting us from climate change. As more trees are removed, the more vulnerable our climate becomes. 

Two Trees’ sustainable maturation process not only addresses deforestation, but also diminishes or eliminates other factors that contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions of a product’s life cycle, such as aging loss and warehousing. 

“While our process is optimizing product results through sustainable maturation, we are also unlocking the limitations of traditional barrel-aging,” says Chad Slagle, the CEO of Two Trees Beverage Co. “Many who have tasted our products feel we have surpassed even the top producers in flavored spirits. Even beyond our current line, we are exploring many different innovations that will lead the industry in a new era, revealing a world of premium taste experiences to enjoy in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.”

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The company’s sustainable maturation process is also available on a contract basis for private labels and other beverage companies as well. Its 1,000-gallon system can produce about 20 barrels of sustainably matured, wood-crafted product per day. Two Trees also offers a barrel-aged concentrate for beer and wine, which delivers premium, wood-crafted taste in a sustainable manner, utilizing less than two percent of the wood that is used in traditional barrel-aging. The concentrates are used with a number of wine and beer varieties and styles, including IPAs.

“Consumers are expecting more sustainable approaches in all areas of life,” says Slagle. “We are ready to fulfill supply chain demand and help retailers and operators reduce total enterprise emissions with our line of sustainably matured spirits.”