Yalumba Y Series

Sixth-generation, family-owned winery Yalumba has been immersed in the natural beauty of South Australia for 172 years, and has become a specialist in coaxing that natural beauty into exceptional wines. Now with a new look, the winery’s Y Series was created with the goal to craft wines with wild ferments and a light touch, resulting in authentic expressions of emerging and popular varieties.

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Australia’s wine scene has recently been dominated by producers aiming to bring a sense of place to the region’s wines and to reflect the incredible beauty and diversity of the country. Yalumba, South Australia’s pioneering, sixth-generation, family-owned winery, is leading this charge with bold and recognizable wines that are available worldwide. To highlight the harmony of their winemaking with the natural environment, they have revamped the labels of their Y Series, a collection of minimal-intervention wines “made wild” and meant to be enjoyed young. 

Y Series aims to shine light on the most authentic expressions of both popular and emerging Australian grape varieties. Thanks to the talented winemakers at Yalumba, eight varieties (including Shiraz, Viognier, and Chardonnay) can be enjoyed with laser-like focus through a hands-off approach to winemaking. The wines undergo 100 percent wild fermentation, see minimal fining and filtration, and are all vegan. The hope is to create lively and sincere wines that capture the radiance of South Australia’s vines. 

“Y Series was born from an inspired philosophy to create wines with the lightest touch, allowing the natural variety to sing,” says Jessica Hill-Smith, the marketing manager for Yalumba and sixth-generation of the founding family . “Consumers can confidently explore different varieties in their purest form at an affordable price point.”

To bring even more liveliness to the line, Y Series underwent a facelift this year thanks to new labels featuring artwork by celebrated South Australian artist Cindy Durant. Based near Cactus Beach, Durant ventured into the Yalumba vineyards in December 2020 and was inspired to create illustrations for each label that represent elements of the vineyard’s natural ecosystemfrom soil to air—and explore all the creatures that inhabit them. The new packaging also lays Yalumba’s bold and recognizable “Y” front and center, making it easy for consumers to spot these wines on shelves. 

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The reimagining of the Y Series labels is another step Yalumba has taken to focus on the natural beauty of their land and the importance of the environment itself. Beyond sustainably-minded winemaking, the packaging itself has been redesigned to be lighter and less energy intensive, with a lower carbon footprint. 

As a multigenerational family winery, sustainability is foundational to all that Yalumba does, and their wines have always been examples of how to understand and work with the natural world. Y Series serves to demonstrate how great Australian terroir can be. Colorful and lively, these wines are fresh, fruit-driven, and exciting, approachable in both style and price to showcase how delicious wine can enhance everyday moments. Meant to be enjoyed young to spotlight their bright and honest character, they are exactly what consumers are clamoring for.