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Driving Online Sales with ‘Digital Order Forms’

How to use your SevenFifty Lists as order forms that can convert interest into new sales

The wholesale tier’s adoption of digital marketing strategies has been expedited by changes caused by the coronavirus crisis. We have seen new and exciting initiatives launched that include virtual tastings and tours, distributor e-newsletters, and social media promotions. The most successful programs have also found ways to drive conversions and expand points of distribution.

We’ve heard from several distributors and suppliers that they have had great success using the SevenFifty List feature as a way of offering digital order forms to drive conversions from marketing campaigns. It’s a quick and simple feature that can bolster your marketing efforts during this time of social distancing and virtual outreach.

How It Works

1. Create Your List

Search or filter your portfolio and add your products to a List. Give your product List a compelling name and add a description at the top. You can add notes to each product and “price quotes” for additional deal levels or your SRP.

2. Generate a Web Link

Create a URL for your list by clicking “Sharing” and then “Make public.” This creates a link you can email or text to your customers. All of your customers can view the link, whether or not they use SevenFifty, though only registered users can see wholesale pricing.

3. Share Link with Customers

Share your SevenFifty List link in all your digital marketing initiatives. Customers see a mobile-friendly order widget, and order requests are sent directly to their assigned sales rep.

When to Use Lists

1. To Share Inventory Updates

Send inventory updates with new arrivals to your reps that they can easily forward to their customers. Include a link to “Order on SevenFifty” and hyperlink your product list.

2. To Follow Up with Customers

After your virtual tastings, include a link to your List in the follow-up emails to attendees.

3. For Added Promotion

Promote your featured product lists on your SevenFifty Company Profile, in social media campaigns, and on your website.

Create List

Learn more about creating and sharing lists.


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