From North to South, Italian White Wines Are Made for the Table

Italy’s varied and delicious white wines are known for their bright acidity, making them some of the most food-friendly wines in the world. Explore the variety, versatility, and global culinary appeal of Italian white wines with four delicious options from Santa Margherita USA’s broad portfolio

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With one of the world’s finest and most diverse terroirs, Italy crafts a wide array of whites wines known for quality, diversity, and of course, bright acidity. It’s this freshness that makes Italian white wines, such as the ones showcased in Santa Margherita USA’s robust portfolio, so incredibly food-friendly, even with cuisines from around the world.

This range and flexibility is proven through four of Santa Margherita USA’s delicious white wines, spanning the country from Alto Adige to Sardinia and featuring both familiar and unexpected grape varieties. Their storied properties and skilled winemakers transport the drinker to their stunning vineyards, but their exciting and balanced flavor profiles make them a perfect fit on tables around the world.

The Kettmeir Pinot Bianco is brought to life on steep slopes in the foothills of the Dolomites and Rhaetian Alps, specifically in the commune of Caldaro. Though Alto Adige has some well-known, local red varieties, this northerly region is well-suited to white winemaking, thanks to the nearby mountains and its northern latitude.

Pinot Bianco has become a signature of the Alto Adige region, particularly at this century-old winery. The wine leads with concentrated green apple fruit notes, thanks to the region’s plentiful sun, but they are accented by subtle florality and minerality. Refreshing acidity lifts the palate, which is dry, making it an excellent complement to spicy foods like Thai red curry and kung pao chicken.

The Sassoregale Vermentino evokes the wild terrain of Maremma, bringing together sun, wind, sea, and untamed forest. While Tuscany is more famed for its red wines—particularly Sangiovese—these rolling hills and the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea also produce juicy, sunny white wines. This Vermentino is round yet fresh, with plenty of minerality and herbal notes that work well with everything from seafood to rich, meaty dishes. This wine could be a go-to pairing for ceviche and braised pork belly alike.

But this isn’t the only expression of Vermentino in Santa Margherita USA’s portfolio. The Cantina Mesa Giunco offers another side of the grape, hailing from Sardinia’s sea-surrounded vineyards. The warm, dry growing conditions mitigate disease and encourage the Vermentino to achieve a lush ripeness, which translates into the glass as stone and tropical fruit and weighty minerality. There’s a reason “mesa” is in the winery’s name—it’s a perfect wine for the table, contrasting well with savory dishes like roasted turkey with gravy and umami-laden ramen.

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Lugana is white wine country, where the influence of Lake Garda and clay-limestone soil produces fruity yet refreshing wines. But the U.S. likely never would have had access to these delicious wines if it wasn’t for Walter Contato, founder of Ca’ Maiol, which was established in 1967. Using the local Trebbiano di Lugana grape, which is harvested at low yields, the Ca’ Maiol Lugana yields a medium-bodied wine with apple, pear, and citrus fruit flavors. The tart and fresh finish complements and cuts through creamy, flavorful dishes like spaghetti carbonara and enchiladas verdes.

While the wines may be mainstays with the classic and local dishes of Italy, they are also a culinary tour de force that will seamlessly enhance meals from around the globe, from spicy Mexican dishes to subtle sushi. With Santa Margherita USA’s collection, there is a deep understanding of each terroir and grape that yields expressive wines, rooted in Italy but meant for the world.


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