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How to Use Custom Price Books to Showcase Your Portfolio

What you need to know about the new SevenFifty for Distributors price books, and how to choose the one that’s right for you

SevenFifty’s online tools help modernize and streamline your sales and sampling process. However, some buyers may prefer to browse through a printed price book or PDF. Now there’s a better way to showcase your portfolio to all buyers—in whichever format they prefer—with the new custom price book creator. 

Choose from three professionally designed price book templates: geography (country/region), product style, or producer. Filter by supplier, grapes and raw materials, product types and styles, container type, and more to highlight or exclude particular sections of your portfolio. Finish your price book by uploading and attaching a cover page with your company’s logo and an eye-catching image (e.g., vineyard photos, back bar shots, etc.).

Here’s what you need to know about the new price books, including how to choose the one that’ll work best for you and your buyers.

Price Book Structure and Layout

Each price book template has the following structure:

  • Cover page
    • Add your logo and an eye-catching image
  • Table of contents
  • Layout
    • three-column “compact” layout (if you want to save paper)
    • single-column, “default” layout (for smaller portfolios)
  • Information organization
    • Organize your portfolio by country/region, product style, or producer
  • Filters
    • Filter by supplier, grapes and raw materials, product types and styles, container type, and more
  • Product information
    • product name
    • pricing
  • Index  
    • alphabetical by producer
    • Click on any producer’s name to view a list of their products in the price book

New Price Book Templates: Which One Should You Choose?

Geography (country/region):
The geography (country/region) template is similar to the original “default” price book. If you manage a wine-centric portfolio, organizing your products by country/region may be the best way to go. For example, you can use this template along with the three-column layout to separate your $18 and under Burgundys from your Bordeaux.

Product Style:
Consider grouping your products by style if you represent an extensive spirits or craft beer portfolio. Use this template to highlight your individual beer categories (e.g., IPAs), bourbons, or spirits. Tip: The compact three-column layout will make it easier for your buyers to search your large portfolio.

Do you manage a beer-centric or a mixed portfolio with multiple product types (e.g., wine, beer, spirits), categories (e.g., vodka and gin), or regions (e.g., wines from Argentina and California)? Use the producer template to showcase your portfolio in a format that’s clean and easy-to-browse.

Make the most out of your account visits and leave a lasting impression on your buyers with a modern and beautifully designed price book.

Contact us to find out how you can get custom price books for your team. Already use SevenFifty? Log in to your account.



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