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Introducing New Inventory Badges on SevenFifty

We’ve added clear indicators of data “freshness”, so you’ll know when to simply add an item to an order and when you should message your rep for more info first

Our goal at SevenFifty has always been to give buyers at restaurants, bars, and retailers better visibility into the market so that ordering from multiple distributors is as reliable, fast, and easy as it can be. To do this, we take the basic portfolio information from over 1,000 distributors across the country, and we use software and a team of experts to make sure what you see on SevenFifty is the most accurate and useful information about that product available online. Many distributors automatically send us their inventory updates every day, but a listing can become less reliable when we get those updates less often.

To give you confidence that what you see and order on SevenFifty is in stock we’re adding clear indicators of data “freshness”. This way you’ll know when to simply add the item to an order and when you should message your rep for more info first. You now see one of four status badges on every product:

Read on to understand in detail what each of these inventory badges mean.

“In stock” and “Check availability”


Both of these badges tell you that the distributor of this item sends SevenFifty a daily inventory update. The “In stock” badge means that as of this morning’s update the distributor has this item on hand. “Check availability” means that they have little or no inventory on hand. If you need the item click the “Message rep” button to ask if any is available.

“Unknown inventory”

We recommend that you message your rep to confirm availability and price. The good news is that we’ve built this tool into the listing for every wine, beer, and spirit so you can ask your rep questions without leaving SevenFifty.


When you see this badge on a wine or other vintage item, it may mean the distributor has moved on to the next vintage. For any item, it could mean that the item is no longer produced or that this distributor has simply stopped carrying it. Rather than ordering this item you can message your rep to ask about an alternative or search on SevenFifty to find similar items that are available.

These new status badges are among many changes we’re making to build closer connections between you, your reps, and product data on SevenFifty so you can more reliably order wine, beer, and spirits online.


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