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Meet SevenFifty’s Brand New Ordering System

What’s new? Comprehensive ordering of all products from every distributor, one-click checkout for multiple orders, pricing notes, sales rep text notifications, and more


With the release of SevenFifty’s new and improved ordering system, you finally have everything you need to quickly send your beverage orders to all of your distributors at once on a single online marketplace. 

Back in early 2016, we launched our innovative ordering platform and we’ve spent the last few years gathering feedback from restaurant and retail buyers on what was working well, and what could be better. We’ve greatly improved along the way, and our brand new ordering system reflects everything buyers want and need to do their job—faster than ever before, with more tools for efficient and reliable ordering. 

Here are the top five new features you’ll want to start using right away:

1. Ordering from All Distributors

Assign custom vendors to products you want to order

Now, you can do all of your ordering on one platform. All you need is your sales rep’s email. If SevenFifty doesn’t list the distributor for an item you need to order, you can add the distributor and add the item to your cart—even if that distributor hasn’t joined SevenFifty yet. 


How does it work? SevenFifty emails your order request to the rep you add at checkout. They get a detailed order request addressed from you, and you benefit from a streamlined ordering and tracking process.

2. Express Checkout

Send multiple orders with a single click

Now you have the option to submit multiple vendor orders all at once with the one-click “Send all” button. Building orders is faster, too, with a redesigned cart that shows efficient, consolidated views for scanning and completing all of your orders together with fewer steps to checkout.

3. Text Notifications & Status Badges

Safeguards to ensure your sales rep sees your order

Your sales reps now receive text alerts—in addition to emails—when you place orders on SevenFifty. You can also track the status of your order request with new notification badges that confirm the rep has seen your order.



4. Pricing Notes

Send detailed product notes to your sales rep

We’ve made it faster to communicate about each individual item with new “Pricing/Item notes” feature. In states where not all discounts are published on SevenFifty, you can use this space to make sure you get the deals you expect. You can also use item notes to send product-specific questions or reminders to your sales rep.

5. Sort by “Newly Added”

Discover New Items in Your Market  

On SevenFifty, it’s always been easy to find the items you already know about. But what about something new? Now you can quickly find new and exciting arrivals to your market within any set of “Search” results by applying the “Newly added” sort option. 

Ready to try out SevenFifty’s new ordering system?

With the launch of our new ordering system, we’ve created the fastest, most complete, and most reliable buying solution in the market. What used to take hours now takes minutes. Re-orders are a cinch, and you can do it all 24/7, from any device, no matter what hours your rep is working. The best part? It’s free for qualified restaurant and retail buyers of wholesale alcohol.

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