Climate change is affecting Chile’s wine scene. How expensive is too expensive for Napa and Sonoma vineyards? A new wine label lets you know when its time to drink and Wisconsin brewers worry about business killing regulations. The news we’re thinking about here at SevenFifty Daily.

June 27, 2017
1. Bloomberg

Chilean Wine Adjusts To Climate Change

Chilean wine producers are moving south looking for better growing conditions as climate change affects the more traditional growing sites in the country. An intensively hot growing season the previous year moved up harvest by 3 weeks and the heat led to devastating fires. They see potential in the south where there is heavier rainfall.

2. North Bay Business Journal

Examining The Price Tag On Napa And Sonoma Vineyards

Napa and Sonoma vineyard prices are on the rise. There a number of possible reasons for this trend. An increase in tourism to the region, higher sales for wine from those areas, or a strategic expectation that vineyard area will become increasingly scarce and by extension available wine grapes.


Matua Launches Wines With Thermographic Label Technology

New Zealand based winemaker Matua is releasing their 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé with a new thermographic label technology. As the bottle chills the label will activate and change color. When a bottle is optimally chilled a snowflake symbol will appear.

4. Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin Craft Brewers Worry Over State Budget

A proposal is circulating that could force brewers and wineries to work with distributors instead of selling directly to customers. Bars and breweries are in opposition over this proposal as bars worry breweries are cutting into business and breweries worry this regulation would put them out of business.