As we ease into a shortened work week and recover from the relaxation of a long weekend, here’s a look at what’s happening around the alcohol beverage industry. Weather woes continue to impact wine, while a bartender gets critical of a critic commenting on drinks. What has your interest this morning? Let us know on Twitter @SevenFiftyDaily.

June 8, 2017
1. The Drinks Business

Rioja Vineyards “Badly Damaged” By Frost

It continues to be a difficult season for wine crops in Europe. Frost earlier this season damaged many celebrated vineyards and assessments continues to come in. Drinks Business caught up with a producer in Rioja who admitted things are bad, but also offered some good news.

2. Decanter

Elaborate wine descriptions improve taste – study

Can words influence your wallet and taste buds? Decanter reports that researchers in Australia found that more creative and vivid wine descriptions on bottle labels, including the back-story to a winery, can encourage people to spend more money and increase their enjoyment after popping the cork.

3. Craft Beer & Brewing

Past Its Prime? Vintage Beer Warning Signs

With so many flavors present in beers these days, and restaurants adding beer cellars to their lists, there’s a fine line between what’s a desired flavor due to age and what’s just old. Patrick Dawson, the man who wrote the book on aging beers offers some assistance.

5. Whisky Advocate

15 Wedding Gift Whiskies

It’s wedding season and if you really want to impress the newly weds, spring for these whiskies that will last the test of time.