A drought in Rome continues to affect winegrape growers, while Spanish wine group Araex partners with French wine consultant to create and market organic wine. Japanese rice farmers are experimenting with Bordeaux-like appellations, while Utah considers options for allowing stronger beers to be sold in grocery stores. Here’s the news we’re thinking about here at SevenFifty Daily.

July 26, 2017
1. Fresh Fruit Portal

Two-thirds of Italian farmland affected by prolonged drought

A long-term drought in Rome, Italy, continues to affect winegrape growers among other agricultural products. Some 60% of farmland is threatened by the drought, so the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Friday it was dedicating €700 million to strengthen and boost the efficiency of the country’s irrigation systems.

2. Bloomberg

To lure wine lovers, sake makers focus on appellations

Rice farmers are experimenting with terroir-based and varietal rice wines, mirroring classifications and marketing messages of the wine industry, to appeal buyers familiar with these concepts in foreign markets. Japan set goals to export sake worth 60 billion yen by 2020.