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September 6, 2017
1. Wine Business

Huneeus Vintners buys 161-acre vineyard east of Napa for $24 million

Huneeus Vintners has purchased a 161-acre vineyard east of Napa for $24 million, according to public records. The deed, signed on Aug. 15, indicates the property was transferred from SPP Napa Vineyards LLC to the the Huneeus family. The vineyard is planted with about 110 acres, according to Napa County records. Huneeus Vintners owns Quintessa and other brands, including “Faust.”

2. The Drinks Business

Pernod targets generation Z with dedicated "Gin Hub"

Sophie Gallois, managing director of the new “Gin Hub,” is tasked with promoting Beefeater, Seagram’s, and Plymouth. A BEAT (a brand engagement and advocacy team) will be deployed to raise awareness of its gin brands among consumers through in-store activity, cocktail promotions, and events. According to Gallois, the category of gin is growing, and Pernod will target Generation Z.

3. Business Insider

Many Americans don't care about craft breweries independence

According to UBS evidence lab’s third annual survey of roughly 1,200 US alcohol consumers, 45 percent of American drinkers believe that independence does not matter when picking a craft beer. Only 30 percent of respondents said independence was “extremely important” in craft beer. According to UBS, 41 percent of respondents believe a craft beer brand’s quality is unchanged after acquisition by a major brewer, and 11 percent believe the quality of the brand would improve instead of deteriorate.

4. Masters of Wine

14 new masters of wine announced

Based in five different countries, the new Members of the Institute are, Nova Cadamatre MW (U.S.), Julie Chene Nyheim MW (Norway), Alistair Cooper MW (U.K.), Philip Harden MW (U.K.), Ashley Hausman Vaughters MW (U.S.), Sarah Heller MW (Hong Kong), Tim Jackson MW (U.K.), Andreas Kubach MW (Spain), Fernando Mora MW (Spain), Aina Mee Myhre MW (Norway), Billo Naravane MW (U.S.), Catherine Petrie MW (UK), Nigel Sneyd MW (U.S.), and Morgan Twain-Peterson MW (U.S.).