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SevenFifty and BMG Partnership: What You Need to Know

What to expect from our new partnership with the Beverage Media Group and what a comprehensive marketplace means for your business

SevenFifty and Beverage Media Group (BMG) have announced that they’re joining forces—extending their collective reach across the beverage trade. So what does that mean for you? What new capabilities will the partnership provide your business?

The deal brings together two companies that are keen on influencing the industry’s digital transformation. You probably know BMG from its iconic trade magazines, printed price books, content library, and Beverage Media website. The company dates back to 1936 and it’s been an industry fixture ever since. Now pair BMG’s data and publishing experience and long-standing relationships with SevenFifty’s digital expertise (we’ve been on the scene since 2012), and you get a powerful team working on behalf of the three-tier system.

The partnership is in its early stages and the two companies are determining what, exactly, the future will bring as they explore the enormous shared opportunity they have to further improve the digital marketplace across the industry. So stay tuned for more announcements from SevenFifty and BMG on that front.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know right now, according to SevenFifty’s CEO and co-founder, Aaron Sherman:

Expect Benefits for All Three Tiers

While users of both companies can continue to access SevenFifty and BMG exactly as they have in the past—the two will continue to operate as separate subscription services and customers should log in to each site using existing credentials—Sherman says the future is full of possibility. “We’re exploring our shared synergies and discussing how we can bring immediate benefits to all three tiers,” he says. To start, the partners are working on bringing the best of both services to all three tiers as quickly as possible:

  • Distributors will be able to more efficiently manage portfolio data through an end-to-end sales and marketing solution that can drive digital e-commerce sales, equip distributor reps with an expanded set of sales tools, and streamline the creation and printing of price books.
  • Buyers at restaurants, bars, and retail will benefit from an enhanced marketplace experience that offers an up-to-date listing of products across the country.
  • Producers and importers will benefit from a more complete marketplace, where products are accurately represented to buyers nationwide.


A Vision for a More Complete Marketplace

What’s all the buzz about this partnership? For one, the combined marketplaces represent the largest e-commerce channel for the three-tier system. “In short,” says Sherman, “we can do more by collaborating with our friends at BMG, to ultimately bring you a more comprehensive experience in buying and selling wholesale alcohol. We have a shared vision for the future. We each want to make it easier than ever to do business in a digital world at an entirely new scale.”

Sherman, a former sommelier and beverage manager, is especially excited to bring together BMG’s traditional business-to-business channels with SevenFifty’s innovative software platform. “It’s really the best of both worlds coming together,” he says, “and it encompasses everything reps need to support their client relationships.”

Product and Service Enhancements to Come

It’s an exciting time for SevenFifty users, as this partnership with BMG will ultimately bring about new account features and a more robust marketplace. Early priorities include improving data services across both companies and increasing the buyer network for existing customers. “We are jointly committed to giving plenty of notice to our customers about future changes,” says Sherman, and he adds that the SevenFifty team will continue to push technology forward to expand digital resources for the entire industry. “But now,” he says, “we’re even stronger and faster by working alongside the team at BMG.”

BMG’s CEO Jason Glasser seconds that sentiment. “We view this alliance with SevenFifty as a step forward to help our customers improve their data and programming efficiencies with an enhanced, tech-driven approach,” he says. Glasser notes that BMG customers can reach out to their existing contacts at the company for more details.

Please contact with any questions you may have about what this new partnership means for customers of SevenFifty. BMG customers can contact

For more information about joining SevenFifty, contact


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