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In simpler times, you would walk into a bar, order a drink, and it would fall into one of three main categories: wine, liquor, or beer. There might be a few cocktails, but the options were largely familiar and reliable.

Over the past 20 years, however, the drinks business and its culture have been transformed, producing a significantly more complex landscape. Retailers can choose from tens of thousands of products to stock their shelves. Even small restaurants may work with a dozen distributors. Bartenders are becoming brand ambassadors, and somms are shifting into sales (and back again). Importer and distributor reps are calling on more accounts than ever. Producers, too, are pushing into new territory, bringing new product categories, flavors, and expressions to the table.

Meanwhile, new technologies are helping create better products and introduce efficiencies throughout the supply chain. And forward-thinking operators are setting new standards for hiring, training, and retention practices, raising the bar for the hospitality industry at large.

There’s a lot to digest. But SevenFifty Daily is here to report these stories—and to help you make sense of it all. Until now, no publication has addressed your needs as a working member of the drinks trade. Unlike other industry-focused publications, we aren’t geared to the C-suite. We exist for you. We search out the best tips for enhancing your team’s performance, and find insightful stories to help you learn from the successes (and mistakes) of your peers. We curate industry headlines, posting the most useful ones each morning so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

We’re also a place for discussing topics that matter. Our Viewpoints section gathers experts from across the industry to debate questions like “Do Wine Scores Still Matter?” We hope you’ll weigh in with your opinions, too.

SevenFifty Daily is an online magazine published by SevenFifty, a technology platform for professionals in the beverage alcohol industry. While SevenFifty works directly with on- and off-premise retailers, distributors, and suppliers, this publication has editorial autonomy—and a mission to clearly and accurately cover the drinks industry.

Working with talented and trusted journalists, we will bring you articles from all three tiers of the industry. You’ll recognize the bylines of renowned writers, including Jon Bonné, Megan Krigbaum, Wayne Curtis, Katherine Cole, Maggie Hoffman, Lew Bryson, and Betsy Andrews. They, and so many others, are working on stories that explore new ideas and challenge our perceptions regarding established norms.

SevenFifty Daily is not just a business publication. We also cover the culture of the drinks industry, recognizing that beverage professionals live their work. It’s a lifestyle that involves the continuous acquisition of knowledge, global travel (and tips for optimizing those trips), and career paths that can zig and zag. We’ll go beyond the glass to explore all these topics and any others that pique our curiosity and that of our writers and readers.

Ultimately we’ll learn from one another. Fresh ideas emerge when passionate people are gathered around, passing bottles, and clinking glasses. The conversations we have, the thoughts we share, the drinks we taste, and the traditions we celebrate will shape this site over time.

Please reach out with your thoughts and ideas to We look forward to embarking on this journey together.

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