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3 Reasons to Order Through SevenFifty

Why placing orders through SevenFifty is the best way to create, send, and track orders online

SevenFifty seamlessly connects the beverage alcohol industry on one easy-to-use platform. There are over 1,000 leading distributor portfolios listed on SevenFifty. As a buyer, you can browse all portfolios in your local market, and place orders directly to your reps through the SevenFifty platform. It’s as easy as adding items to a draft order and checking out.

But SevenFifty’s online ordering platform is much more than just a shopping cart; it’s your complete order management system. Here’s why.

All-in-One Order Management

Replace shorthand texts and emails by creating, sending, and tracking orders from multiple distributors in one place. Search and select a product, add it to a draft order, and submit it to your rep. That’s it. Order emails automatically include detailed product information like item codes, quantity, size formats, and vintages so that nothing gets lost in translation. You’ll receive an email confirmation as soon as your rep confirms your order so you’ll always know what to expect on the truck the next day.

Stored Order History & Fast Reordering

Need to know what you ordered three months ago? Access your entire ordering history with all your distributors in one place. Reordering products through SevenFifty is fast and efficient. Simply select any product, and SevenFifty will automatically route your order to the correct distributor in seconds.

Direct Ordering from All Your Distributors

It’s just as simple and straightforward to submit orders to reps not yet on SevenFifty. 90% of all products are available in each market regardless of distributor participation, so you can still find what you are looking for. 

Create a free SevenFifty account to start placing orders to your reps online. Already on SevenFifty? Login here.


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