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About Us

Editorial Mission

SevenFifty Daily is an online magazine about the business and culture of the beverage alcohol industry. We analyze the issues people are talking about, uncover new insights and innovations, and explore the people, places, and traditions beyond the bottle. Covering the three tiers of the alcohol industry, we connect a global community of drinks professionals, creating a space that fosters conversation and a platform for showcasing the people and ideas moving the industry forward.


Earning and maintaining the trust of readers is paramount for SevenFifty Daily.

SevenFifty Daily is supported by advertising and sponsored content, which will always be clearly marked as “Partnership,” with articles presented on a tan background instead of the white background used for editorial. Customers of SevenFifty, the platform, do not receive preferential editorial placement or treatment in SevenFifty Daily.

Reporters, photographers, and illustrators working for the publication must maintain high standards of independence and integrity, producing their content free of external advertiser or sponsor pressure. On occasion, the editors will consider coverage garnered during press trips. A story must be approved in advance and any travel consideration offered will be disclosed as an asterisked footnote in the article. Attendance on a press trip does not guarantee that an article will be published, and editors reserve the right to withhold a story if it does not meet editorial or ethical standards.

SevenFifty Daily will accept alcohol and other relevant samples at its editorial office. An effort will be made to give each sample fair consideration. Samples that are interesting or relevant may receive editorial coverage, though no coverage is guaranteed. Use and placement is at the discretion of the editors and reporters.

Editorial Team

Editor in Chief | Erica Duecy
Executive Editor | Jen Laskey
Contributing Editor | Scott Rosenbaum
Contributing Art Director | Jeff Quinn
Production Coordinator | Lauren DiFilippo

Editorial Advisor | Jon Bonné
Editor at Large | Megan Krigbaum

Publisher Statement

The core mission of SevenFifty has always been to serve you, the professionals in the beverage alcohol trade, and help you do your job as effectively as possible. Over the past several years, we’ve made local wholesale markets more transparent by helping you search, browse, and order wholesale products online.

The launch of SevenFifty Daily marks a new chapter for the community of more than 100,000 trade professionals that use SevenFifty to do their work. Our goal is to help the three tiers operate effectively by connecting members of the trade with the stories and information that matters to most to them. SevenFifty Daily is where professionals can learn from top industry experts and discuss the many topics in the trade that aren’t talked about elsewhere.

We’d love to hear what you think of SevenFifty Daily, and for all of you to help shape how this new addition to SevenFifty evolves.

Aaron Sherman
Gianfranco Verga
Neal Parikh
Founders, SevenFifty

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