Climate Action & Sustainability in the Drinks Industry

There’s arguably no issue more urgent to the future of our world—and the drinks industry—than climate change. As agricultural products, wine, spirits, and beer are particularly susceptible to our planet’s changing climate—and producers have responded by taking decisive action.

In SevenFifty Daily’s Sustainability Hub, we profile the people, movements, and companies spearheading climate action. From widespread organic farming practices and reimagined zero-emissions production facilities, to packaging and transportation innovations aimed at lowering the industry’s carbon footprint, we’ll be reporting on the inspiring initiatives driving change at local and global scale.

Heritage producer Segura Viudas Cava believes that biodiversity is essential to the winemaking process, which is why it is committed to fostering a healthy ecosystem throughout its estate vineyards. The producer respects the roots by leaving half of the estate’s land to untouched forests, olive groves, and fruit trees, believing it to be the best thing for the planet—as well as for Segura Viudas’ Cavas. Their Organic Brut Cava epitomizes their ethos as it maintains traditional winemaking methodology but is vegan and organically produced.

Through April, Segura Viudas Cava is partnering with WhyHunger, a non-profit organization focused on fueling agroecological solutions to hunger that also nourish the planet. For every easy, two-click pledge on the Segura Viudas website, the winery will donate $1 to the organization. To learn more about Segura Viudas Cava’s commitment to biodiversity and WhyHunger pledge, visit the Segura Viudas Cava website.

Sustainability Hub presented by Segura Viudas Cava