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5 Ways Suppliers Can Support Their Distributors on SevenFifty

Leverage your supplier relationships to improve your product data and sales tools on SevenFifty

SFIP Distributor Benefits

Suppliers can create a profile on SevenFifty to support distributor sales efforts on the nation’s largest digital marketplace. Importers and producers can update and improve the product listings buyers see on the marketplace while making sure that distributor sales reps always have access to the most compelling and up-to-date brand content for presentations.

Here are five ways distributors can benefit from having their suppliers on SevenFifty.

1. Access to Brand Collateral

Suppliers using SevenFifty can create product hubs where shelf talkers, tech sheets, and bottle shots are easily accessible for sales teams via a custom url link. Suppliers can also add producer profiles that tell the full brand story, equipping teams with the most compelling content for sales calls.

Here are some examples:


2. Improved Product Data

Importers and producers can improve a brand’s digital footprint on the SevenFifty marketplace by helping to keep the basics up to date. Product data, descriptions, and labels change frequently, and suppliers often have access to the most current information, which can bolster the data distributors already provide.

Many distributors power their website, ERP’s, and e-retailer channels using SevenFifty’s normalized product data and label images. Supplier participation can improve this data and the distributor’s digital footprint across all channels. 

3. Promote Virtual Tastings and Tours

Suppliers can list their virtual events on SevenFifty and promote them to buyers. They can also create product lists with accurate wholesale pricing to promote their products to all attendees. Distributors can view upcoming supplier webinars and events in the “Events” section of their SevenFifty account.

4. Set Your Brands Apart in Search Results

Buyers often shop the SevenFifty marketplace at times when reps are not even working. When suppliers enrich content, products stand out and lead to more organic sales. Both reps and buyers will see “Producer Descriptions” attached to enriched products that include the content and collateral uploaded by suppliers.

5. Visibility for Suppliers

Supplier partners can now access current wholesale pricing information for their products in any market. This will aid them during supplier visits and any other independent market work, to ensure that everyone is aligned on product availability and pricing. Suppliers can even collaborate with distributor teams through SevenFifty Lists before and after market visits to maximize the return on field work.

Importers and producers can sign up at Distributors should contact us at for assistance getting suppliers registered.


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