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How to Use Wine Scores on SevenFifty

How to use wine scores on SevenFifty to help educate your customers and sell more effectively

Wine scores, along with tasting notes and detailed product descriptions, can be a powerful sales tool and quality indicator for consumers. That’s why SevenFifty has partnered with Wine Spectator to offer SevenFifty users the option to subscribe to up-to-date wine scores and trusted product reviews within the SevenFifty platform. Here’s what you can do with Wine Spectator scores on SevenFifty:

Quickly Filter by Wine Score on the Search Tab

View Wine Reviews and Scores on All Product Detail Pages

Wine scores are matched to products on SevenFifty as new magazine issues are released—ensuring that all wine score information is up-to-date and accurate. Scores are available to buyers for a subscription fee of $6/month. Subscribe Now

If you’re a distributor, you can access wine scores for a licensing fee. The fee varies according to the number of scored products in your portfolio. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: Subscribing to SevenFifty’s wine scores feature does not grant you a subscription to the Wine Spectator print publication or Current Wine Spectator print publication or subscribers will need to subscribe to Wine Spectator on SevenFifty.


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