Cesari Justo

Cesari has been a leader in Verona since 1936, and with Justo they continue to blend tradition with quality winemaking and broad appeal. This vibrant crowd-pleaser manages to strike the ideal balance between freshness and Amarone-like richness.

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In Verona, a region where wines range from ethereal and crisp to powerfully rich,
Cesari’s Justo manages to land at the elusive intersection of concentration and lightness. Combining elements of Amarone with stainless steel fermentation and a focus on freshness, the wine has an ideal tension on the palate—exactly as its name suggests. 

A combination of the English word just and the Italian word giusto, meaning right, Justo is an homage to finding Goldilocks-esque balance in the glass and loosely translates to “just right.” 

It’s no surprise that the Cesari clan has mastered combining the rich, dense characteristics of Veronese reds with an uncommon vein of brightness: The family has been making wine in the region since 1936, when Gerardo Cesari set out to craft an Amarone to rival the world’s best reds. Since that time, successive generations of Cesaris have helped the estate acquire prime vineyards and maintain the tradition of high-quality production. Cesari was one of the first Italian wines to be exported to five continents, and today the brand retains its strong global following—while utilizing over 100 hectares of pristine vineyards to keep elevating the estate’s legacy. 

Justo itself fuses regional winemaking traditions with an innovative edge, blending the native Corvina grape with Merlot to give the wine its “just right” texture. Harvested together in September, the grapes are dried in the traditional apassimento style for 20 days. This relatively short drying period concentrates their sugars and aromatic nuances to optimal levels, while maintaining the grapes’ inherent freshness. Then, the grapes are fermented on their skins for 15 days before aging exclusively in stainless steel. The process serves to generate balance between lightness and concentration, resulting in a red wine with pure red fruit flavors that radiate from the glass. Its rare equilibrium likewise makes Justo a consistent crowd pleaser among both buyers and consumers. 

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Cesari has always been a leader in northern Italy. From aging their wines well beyond DOCG requirements to embracing single-vineyard wines before the trend was in vogue, the winery’s forward-thinking energy is palpable. Today, Cesari is maintaining their commitment to excellence and innovation by embracing technology and sustainability across their vineyards and two wineries. With Justo, their innovative spirit takes form in a wine that’s agile yet concentrated, and vibrantly reflects its home terroir.