With centuries of heritage in every glass, Masi has become a beacon of continuity and tradition in the Valpolicella region in northeast Italy. The Boscaini family’s enduring and innovative spirit has solidified the winery as a hallmark Amarone producer, and a steward of the region’s historic winemaking techniques.

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Founded in 1772 by the Boscaini family, Masi is a pillar of the Valpolicella region—an area north of the historic city of Verona that has winemaking traditions stretching as far back as the Roman times. This year marks a momentous anniversary: Masi’s 250th harvest since its founding.

Masi began with one vineyard named Vaio dei Masi in a small valley in the heart of Valpolicella Classica. This historic region of hills and valleys is regarded as the epicenter of quality grape growing thanks to its prime location between Lake Garda to the west and the Lessini mountains to the east and north. Over the centuries, Masi has expanded its vineyard holdings within Valpolicella Classica, and widened its scope to include prime sites within the broader Valpolicella area. 

Today, the winery is run by sixth- and seventh-generation family members who have carried on the family legacy and continued the company’s two-and-a-half century evolution to become icons of Amarone and experts in the appassimento method.

The family’s portfolio of wines showcase the diversity of grape varieties, site expressions, and winemaking methods employed in Valpolicella. At the core are the trinity of grapes—Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara—which are blended together to yield three unique bottlings that highlight the stylistic range of red wines in Valpolicella.

The prestigious Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG is the epitome of appassimento—the traditional process of partially drying grapes on bamboo mats prior to fermentation to yield more concentration and structure in the final wine. Sourced from the best west- and south-facing hillside vineyards in the Valpolicella Classica, its complexity makes it a benchmark of the region and a hallmark example of this age-worthy style.

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From the same vineyards that produce the Amarone wines comes the Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico DOC. This wine offers a lighter take on the trio of Covina, Rondinella, and Molinara. The result is a lively and versatile pour with typical cherry aromas, a touch of spice, soft tannins, and fresh acidity.

The Campofiorin is a testament to the innovative spirit of the Boscaini family and their mastery of the appassimento process. Using Masi’s double fermentation method, a base wine made from fresh grapes is re-fermented with a portion of semi-dried grapes. The unique process adds flavor concentration and luscious texture to the wine, combining the richness of an Amarone with a lighter, fresher Valpolicella-style wine. 

With 250 years of experience, Masi has not only mastered the region’s historic wine styles and techniques, but has grown into a true leader of the industry. Now, through their creative innovations and deep level of expertise, Masi is a benchmark of high-quality Italian wine.