Passoã: Naturally Bold Passion Fruit Liqueur


For over 30 years, Passoã has been the leading choice for adding bold passion fruit flavor to cocktails and drinks. Today, it’s keeping up with current consumer trends with its relatively low alcohol and sugar, and its adaptability for home mixologists and bartenders alike.

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In 1985, the master distiller for one of France’s leading liqueurs traveled to Brazil in search of a unique variety of orange. But the trip soon led to another discovery: the intriguing passion fruit. Upon returning to France, he used the singular, captivating fruit to create Passoã, the original passion fruit liqueur. Today, it’s the number one passion fruit liqueur in the world.

Made without artificial flavors, Passoã gets its taste from natural passion fruit juice from Brazil and passion fruit aromas. The full-bodied sweetness is balanced by the fruit’s natural zest of acidity.

“Consumers prefer Passoã Passion Fruit Liqueur for its bold and exotic taste, which perfectly balances the tanginess of the passion fruit with the sweetness of the liqueur, making it a versatile and irresistible choice for any cocktail or drink,” says brand director Victor Lilue.

Passoã gained popularity early on through its taste, versatility, and eye-catching colors, but it gained additional widespread attention with the rise of a single cocktail. Douglas Ankrah, the bartender at the legendary Lab Bar in London, used the liqueur to create a cocktail made with Passoã, vodka, vanilla, lime, and a side of Champagne. He dubbed it the Porn Star Martini. The cocktail’s popularity has not only maintained over the past two decades, but has grown: It’s overcome the Mojito as the number one cocktail in the United Kingdom since 2019, and the number three cocktail in the United States, according to the Difford’s Guide. And as the cocktail’s original passion fruit ingredient, a true Porn Star Martini calls for Passoã.

The Porn Star Martini sells itself through its alluring color and appealing tropical flavor year-round, not to mention a name that catches attention. Yet Passoã is a versatile ingredient that matches current consumer trends of moderate consumption with its 20 percent ABV and its adaptability for home mixologists and bartenders alike.

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Passion fruit sangria is as simple as adding Passoã to rosé wine. The liqueur also blends well into long drinks by adding a shot into sparkling water, light beer, or ginger ale. Classic cocktails like the Margarita, Mojito, and Daiquiri can get a boost from passion fruit, and in warmer months, Passoã adds a bold flavor to frozen drinks that you can’t find elsewhere. 

At the end of the day, there’s no easier and more tasteful way for consumers and bartenders to add natural tropical flavors to their glass than Passoã.