The drinks industry is fueled by immense talent, from seasoned producers—and the importers and distributors who take their products to market—to the up-and-coming retailers and somms who are engaging consumers with new stories and innovative ideas. And they’re everywhere: In the Twin Cities, an enterprising brewer is using a coolship to inoculate his beers with wild yeasts. In Chicago, a young bar owner has made inclusion and diversity a top priority. And in Oklahoma City, a creative cocktail supply retailer inadvertently opened what’s become one of the city’s hottest bars—and it has only four seats!

SevenFifty Daily’s Rising Stars series celebrates today’s beverage landscape by spotlighting the outstanding talents emerging in cities across the U.S. To get an insider perspective on these under-the-radar trailblazers, we’ve asked seasoned beverage professionals to nominate the individuals who are having the biggest impact on the drinks scene in their cities. Since launching the series in January, we’ve featured dozens of dynamic professionals throughout the categories of wine, beer, and spirits—advocates for amaro and activism alike, alongside wine geeks, hopheads, and flavor alchemists. 

As the drinks industry evolves, so will our Rising Stars series. We’ll be adding up-and-comers in new markets and highlighting new talent in existing ones. Would you like to nominate a rising star in your city? Let us know.