The wine app Vivino finds success with its new e-commerce component. Maryland is joining the ranks of quality wine producing states. Wisconsin lawmakers seek to modernize the three tier system and Ohio recognizes the need to help small distillers. The news we’re thinking about here at SevenFifty Daily. 

August 2, 2017
1. The Drinks Business

Disruptive Wine App Tops $40 Million In Sales

The wine review app, Vivino, launched an e-commerce feature last year that allows consumers to buy wine directly through the app as they are looking it up and reading reviews. More than $40 million worth of wine has now been sold through the site.

2. The Baltimore Sun

Maryland's Wine Industry Grows With The Help Of Technology And Collaboration

Maryland has not historically been known for making high quality wines. The state has changed this by focusing in on adopting new technologies and the local winemaking community working closely together. Today there are dozens of wineries producing high quality wine that rivals other more established wine regions.

3. The Capital Times

Wisconsin Lawmaker Files Bill To Change Three Tier System

Rep. Gary Tauchen has filed a bill with the aim of making the regulatory system for how wine is manufactured, distributed, and sold more flexible in Wisconisn. Supporters of the bill argue that the system that was originally intended to prevent monopolies is now working to the detriment of small breweries and wineries who operate their own tasting rooms and should be modernized.

4. Toledo Blade

Change To Ohio Liquor Law Helps Micro Distilleries

Originally, if Ohio distillers wanted to sell their products they had to first ship them to a state warehouse, who would send it to a state liquor agency to sell to restaurants. The change will now allow small distillers to sell directly to bars and restaurants making the process simpler and more efficient.