Catalonia prepares for climate change. Is ‘independent’ the new ‘craft’ in the beer industry? Maine looks to up profits with price increases and the 15th annual Tales of the Cocktail conference kicks off in New Orleans. The news we’re thinking about here at SevenFifty Daily.

July 19, 2017
2. Just Drinks

Should Brewers Drop 'Craft' For 'Independent'?

With changes like the launch of a new seal to highlight for consumers when beers are made by an independent craft brewer, it seems like an industry vocabulary shift is imminent. ‘Craft’ has become an increasingly difficult term to define and with these new seals and other measures there has been a subtle move towards using the term ‘independent’ as a more specific indicator.

3. Portland Herald Press

Maine Regulators Want To Raise The Price Of Lower-Cost Liquor

In 2013 Maine redid its entire pricing structure to become more competitive with nearby New Hampshire. Sales of many products are increasing but with uneven pricing, profits are not where they should be. In particular, Maine officials want to increase the markup on less expensive alcohols including smaller bottles.