Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine Month

The sparkling-wine market is on a seemingly unquenchable climb, and that’s even more apparent during the months of November and December, when sales annually spike. Whether the end-of-year buzz has guests feeling a bit more celebratory, or shoppers are looking for bubbly gifts for friends and family, restaurant and retail buyers alike are stocking up on sparklers.

At the same time, many restaurants, bars, and bottle shops are expanding their sparkling-wine offerings, dedicating more menu and shelf real estate to funky pét-nats, grower Champagnes, and fizz from far-flung regions. But while Prosecco, Cava, and other familiar sparklers have benefited from a boost in popularity, some wines—like Sekt from Austria and Germany—haven’t seen the same growth.

For SevenFifty Daily’s Sparkling Wine Month, we looked across countries, styles, and production techniques to bring you the latest developments in the sparkling wine category. Here’s all the intel you need to build a selection that leaves guests thirsting for more. Cheers!

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