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Sourced from the Central Coast of California and made with Lodi-grown grapes, the 7 Moons brand from Constellation blends seven red varieties (Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Malbec, and Grenache) in two labels—the signature Red Blend, and Dark Side Red Blend. Both wines are soft, smooth, and fruit forward, meeting the demand for affordable and approachable wines for everyday drinking.

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Sales of Cabernet Sauvignon wines continue to rise in the U.S., with single-varietal Cabs growing at a rate of 2.6 percent annually. The red-blend category currently makes up 18 percent dollar share of Premium price segment, making it the number one varietal in its price point (Total US MULO Current IRI 52 weeks ending 9/9/18).

7 Moons is an ideal wine that couples can unwind with, suggests Erin Smith, the marketing director of Wine & Spirits Innovation at Constellation Brands. “You’re home on a Tuesday night, you’re going to make dinner, and you want to open something that’s easy drinking that you’re both going to enjoy,” she says. “These wines have different taste profiles, but both pair well with a broad range of food, from barbecue chicken to Caprese salad, Chinese takeout—even dessert.”

Though 7 Moons wines express a softer quality than Ravage or Spoken Barrel, they’re not targeted specifically to women but instead are positioned to complement a diversity of menus and occasions. “It’s the most versatile—in terms of drinking—across any kind of food you’d throw at it,” says Smith. “It’s a lighter, smoother style you can drink by itself and that won’t give you palate fatigue.”

7 Moons is named for the seven phases of the lunar cycle, which are illustrated on the eye-catching bottles. Though positioned as an everyday wine, the elegant bottle design suggests a premium experience (both 7 Moons wines have a suggested retail price of $12.99 and floor price of $10.99). Indeed, in a Nielsen study, 7 Moons scored significantly higher—by nearly 38 percent—than the leading competitive red blend for both visibility and share of attention (Nielsen Design Navigator, March 2016).  

7 Moons
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Though similar in approach, the two wines offer different drinking experiences. The original 7 Moons satisfies consumer preferences for a slightly sweeter, fruit-driven style of wine. To this end, the wine’s aromatics center on sweet baking spice, vanilla bean, and ripe red fruits, carried out in the palate with cherry and strawberry flavors.


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The more expressive Dark Side appeals to consumers looking for a bolder, deeper, more oak-influenced wine style. According to IRI data for multi outlets, the 7 Moons brand—both the signature and Dark Side blends—is currently ranked No. 10 in the Premium Red Blends category (Total US MULO Current IRI 52 weeks ending 9/9/18).

“We are thrilled,” says Smith, “to see the breadth of innovation taking hold in the red-wine space.”