Crisp, refreshing, and slightly bubbly, Gazela is the famous brand from Portugal’s Vinho Verde region that has long been a summertime staple within the white and rosé wine category. As health-conscious drinkers increasingly look for wine options that fit their active lifestyles, Gazela is being rediscovered as a low-alcohol, low-calorie, high-quality option that over-delivers on flavor at a phenomenal price point. Even better, it is newly available in a portable 250-milliliter can.

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There are many reasons why wine lovers have long been reaching for Gazela, the famous brand from Portugal’s iconic Vinho Verde region. Crisp, refreshing, versatile, and affordable, Gazela’s white and rosé wines embody all the crowd-pleasing traits for which Vinho Verde is famous.

Gazela’s status as a summertime staple was enough, but lately, as consumers continue to seek out low-ABV, low-calorie wines, they are quickly realizing that Gazela checks off several more boxes as well. The cool, verdant climate of the Vinho Verde region gives these wines their thirst-quenching freshness and delicious flavor, and it also naturally creates dry wines with low alcohol and calories.

The proof is in the numbers. At just 9% ABV, a five-ounce pour of Gazela’s flagship bottling contains a mere 87 calories. Compared to the average 120 calories in a standard serving of white wine, it’s no wonder that the innovative brand has become such a breakout hit among a younger generation of consumers, who are looking for choices that fit their active lifestyles.

Luckily, fans will soon have an even greater incentive to incorporate Gazela into their dynamic lifestyles with the recently launched 250-milliliter cans (SRP: $2.99 per can). The same great wine in a convenient single serve format is perfect for pools, parks, golf courses, outdoor concert venues, and backyards across the U.S. In addition to launching the cans, Gazela has redesigned their bottle labels to highlight its low-cal, low-ABV appeal. According to Stephen Brauer, CEO of Evaton, Inc., the new format couldn’t be better suited to the brand’s exuberant and carefree identity. 

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“Gazela has always been perfect for those who like light and refreshing whites to enjoy with friends,” says Brauer, adding that the portability of the canned version “only makes it easier to enjoy all summer long as people start to head outdoors with the warmer weather.” 

Whether enjoyed on its own, at a rooftop party, or paired with a wide array of fresh seasonal fare, Gazela is an easy-drinking white wine for almost any occasion. Boasting bright acidity, citrusy aromas, and flavors of white peach, the well-balanced Gazela white is a slam dunk with seafood (lobster roll on the beach, anyone?), salads, and light canapés. For those looking for something slightly fruitier, the Gazela rosé jumps out of the glass with layers of ripe strawberry and cherries, making it a natural partner for the grill—particularly when accompanied by great conversations that linger long into the night. With its slight sparkle, refreshing taste, and low ABV, Gazela is ideal for any occasion.