Joseph Grace Brands


Sourcing quality barware can be a challenge, whether you’re renovating an existing bar, replenishing a retail shop, or opening a new venue. That’s where Joseph Grace Brands comes in. The company is a one-stop shop for all beverage product needs, including spherical ice molds, cocktail shakers, corkscrews, and gift bags.

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The Joseph Grace Brands business is all in the family. The company was started in 1998 by two cousins who worked in wine distribution and saw the need for attractive, durable bar accessories among their clients, both on- and off-premises. With passion and persistence, they established Joseph Grace Brands to supply clients from coast to coast with a curated collection of top-shelf barware and accessories. As the brand grew, it partnered with Metrokane (now Filament Brands) to become the exclusive distributor of Rabbit brand products. Rabbit, of course, is one of the world’s most recognizable corkscrew manufacturers. “Our company philosophy is to give the customer quality products at the best value and with the best service that we possibly can,” says Anthony Senerchia, the general manager of Joseph Grace.

Despite the company’s selection of several thousand products, navigating its inventory is simple. At, select a category: Wine, Bar, Beer, Chill, Gift Bags, and Customization. From aerators to decanters and coasters to bar knives, just a few clicks are required to place an order and arrange delivery. Joseph Grace prides itself on keeping up with trends so its clients can be ready to respond to customer interests. “Ice is huge for us right now,” says Senerchia. “We’ve just come out with some new ice products, so we’re constantly testing and using them. We have a clear ice tray, as well as an ice sphere, and I think they’re going to be big.”

Customized products like bar-branded copper mugs and logo-printed corkscrews are also key drivers of Joseph Grace’s success. Wineries, retailers, breweries, and on-premises accounts of all sizes tap the company for its in-house design team and quick turnaround times, which make customization simple and efficient. Best of all, products are provided to Joseph Grace customers at competitive wholesale prices, regularly beating the prices at online retailers and kitchen supply stores.

What’s the latest addition to the company’s already impressive offerings? “Gift bags!” says Senerchia. “We’ve gotten into paper bags for wines and spirits. Our bags are better than most bags out there; they’re bigger, hold 1.5-liter bottles, and are made with a thicker grade of paper. We’ve come out with some new, exciting designs. They’ve become a very big part of our business in the last 18 months.”

Supplying quality barware for your business is something you should feel good about; supporting a local, family-run operation—while saving money—makes it even better. With Joseph Grace, ordering and fulfillment are always quick and easy. Give it a try: For a limited time, Joseph Grace Brands has an exclusive offer just for SevenFifty Daily readers. They’ll include 24 complimentary Houdini 2-Step Waiter Corkscrews for first-time customers. Just use the promo code SevenFifty. See for yourself how easy stocking up on barware can be!