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Ready-to-drink (RTD) sangrias are nothing new to the market, but with the quality RTD cocktail revolution comes a brand looking to elevate the category with authenticity and quality. By using premium ingredients and following a traditional Valencian recipe, Sonja Sangria is bringing quality, approachability, and liveliness to consumers everywhere.

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While the ready-to-drink (RTD) category has soared in popularity over the past two years, pre-mixed, ready-to-drink sangrias have been on the market for decades. However, not all are created equal, and far too many have relied on artificial bubbles and flavorings rather than quality ingredients.

Enter Sonja Sangria, a brand that is ready to disrupt long-held notions of what RTD sangrias can achieve. By using a traditional Valencian recipe from sangria’s Iberian home, Sonja Sangria is elevating the RTD sangria category with premium wine, natural sugar, and high-quality production methods.

The Sonja Sangria Bubbly White and Bubbly Red were created by American TV personality, businesswoman, and socialite Sonja Morgan, and both are imbued with a bit of Morgan’s individualism, authenticity, and lively spirit. Slightly fizzy, fruity, and sweet, Sonja Sangria starts with a premium base wine made from fresh grape must. It gets its well-balanced sweetness from the grapes’ natural sugars, rather than artificial, added sugar.

Produced by the fourth generation of a family winery with Valencian origins and presence in Spain and Italy, Sonja Sangria’s effervescence is created using the Charmat method—never through forced carbonation, as is common practice—resulting in more elegant, persistent bubbles. Following the traditional Valencian recipe, the 12% ABV wine then gets its delicious, signature fruitiness from 100 percent natural fruit flavors extracted directly from the fruit. This delicious Spanish flavor profile makes Sonja Sangria Bubbly White and Bubbly Red perfect when served over ice with a slice of orange, in the Valencian fashion. 

But Sonja Sangria is also ready to spice up any party, and it makes the perfect base for custom concoctions as well. Add pears, strawberries, and blueberries for contrasting flavors, or set up a sangria bar with plenty of fruit options for guests to get creative. 

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Both Sonja Sangria SKUs are vegan, a choice that reflects the company’s ethos to be inclusive, responsible, and respectful. As consumers increasingly reach for RTD cocktails and pre-mixed sangrias, offer them a choice that fits with values of authenticity and balance: Sonja Sangria.