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Born on a hillside in Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sun Goddess Wines is a new collaboration between singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige and famed winery Fantinel. Inspired by the sun, the mountainous surrounds, and the blushing red hue of ripe Pinot Grigio grapes, the Grammy Award-winning, Oscar nominated singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and philanthropist and winemaker Marco Fantinel dreamt up a rosé. In 2020, they released the inaugural vintage of that wine, Sun Goddess Pinot Grigio Ramato, as well as the stunning new Sun Goddess Sauvignon Blanc.

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For Mary J. Blige, wine has become a passion—one she has pursued to all corners of the earth. On a quest to deepen her knowledge of Pinot Grigio, Blige made her way to the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A friend had mentioned Marco Fantinel, calling him the producer of the best Pinot Grigio in the world, and Blige set out to meet him—and taste those wines. There, while walking the rows and tasting with the Fantinel family, she realized a deep connection to the place, and more importantly, with the people. “In that moment, I felt the same magical energy I have long tried to capture from the sun and knew this was an incredible opportunity to partner with someone who shared that passion,” says Blige. 

Mary J. Blige. Photo courtesy of Sun Goddess.

Fantinel felt the same. “From day one, it was clear Mary shared our philosophy for producing wines of the highest quality, authentic expressions of our land, dedication and craftsmanship, and we could not think of a better partner and collaborator to bring customers these beautiful new wines,” he says.

Soon, grapes for both the Pinot Grigio Ramato and Sauvignon Blanc were flourishing in Fantinel’s Friuli vineyards in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains. The vast diurnal shifts lead to ripe grapes with enticing and significant acidity. Moreover, the vineyard’s mineral-rich soils provide structure and strength, resulting in wines that are complex, full-bodied, and long lasting. The wines from this vineyard are laden with floral aromas and intense fruits. On the palate, come pleasantly vigorous citrus notes. Together, Blige, Fantinel, and these Italian vineyards have produced intense, vibrant, and electrifying wines. 

The two wines in the inaugural Sun Goddess 2019 vintage include:

Sun Goddess Pinot Grigio Ramato

The Sun Goddess Ramato features all of the intense, compelling attributes born out of Fantinel’s vineyards and more. Made from hand-harvested Pinot Grigio grapes, Ramato is macerated on its skins, resulting in a captivating color that fluctuates from semi-pale pink to nearly orange—much like the setting sun. Ramato’s bouquet is intense, complex, and hints at peach, melon, and freshly picked sun-ripe berries. Its palate starts off round, before delivering a mouthwatering zip of a pleasant acidity. Intense and complex, the palate also offers hints of peach and melon. At once full-bodied and near velvety, it finishes elegantly crisp and rich in minerality. 

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Sun Goddess Sauvignon Blanc

Sun Goddess Sauvignon Blanc is equally intense. Fermented on natural yeast in stainless steel, the wine is powerfully aromatic. The Sun Goddess Sauvignon Blanc offers tropical and spicy notes of passion fruit, banana, and melon. With an intense acidity derived from those diurnal shifts, the wine is balanced by a velvety smoothness followed by a long finish.