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The Great American Wine Company was created by Kent Rosenblum, a pioneering vintner aiming to expand with a nationally distributed brand. Rosenblum—a veterinarian by trade—started commercially producing wine in 1978, and from the beginning, his approach to winemaking was innovative. Eschewing the estate model, he sourced fruit from multiple Northern California regions, and he made the wine at an urban facility in Alameda—a place known for shipyards, not vineyards.

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Working with dedicated growers, Rosenblum Cellars earned a reputation for quality, most notably with Zinfandels. Diageo acquired the brand and operations in 2008, and The Great American Wine Company (TGAWC) by Rosenblum Cellars debuted in 2014 as a tribute to classic American varietal wines and winemaking techniques. 

When people talk about wine, they routinely mention “French wine,” “Italian wine,” “Australian wine,” and so forth. But what about American wine? That particular phrase isn’t used as often, perhaps because California is such a dominant source. But the fact is, American wine is better than ever (thanks in large part to California), and a brand like TGAWC that draws attention to that contemporary truth made perfect sense.

Several New Twists 

In 2016, Bronco Wine Company acquired the label. Continuing the brand’s embrace of both tradition and innovation, TGAWC incorporated the novel Helix—a resealable, all-cork, twist-off stopper. Bronco also updated the line to fit American tastes and clearly communicate the brand message. “We aim to position The Great American Wine Company as the wine for the American table,” says marketing manager Rachael Kroneder. “Our brand embodies the pioneering spirit of America through its innovative packaging and Helix closure while still representing the tradition and practices of quality winemaking.” 

The product rings true to its name. TGAWC’s seven wines not only represent America’s most important wine state, but they also reflect Americans’ most popular varietal wines of late. Line pricing (SRP $12.99) keeps the message simple, while red, cream, and blue labels present a vintage Americana feel.  

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Summer Spotlight 

This year, Bronco is promoting a partnership with the National Park Foundation (NPF), the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service: $3.00 from each case of TGAWC sold will be donated to support the NPF’s mission to preserve and enrich America’s national treasures.  

The new partnership is reinforced at the point of sale with graphic boxes and neck hangers. “The great aspect to this is the regional tie-in we can do with our POS,” Kroneder adds. “We are able to highlight local parks, landmarks, and monuments within markets to allow for local association. We strive to make this our top quarter even with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Naturally, the brand is counting on a sales bump from America’s birthday on July 4th, but Kroneder also expects strong results all summer. “Summer is a time for American pastime traditions,” she says. “Consumers will be camping, barbecuing, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Our product allows for easy convenience for all those occasions.”