Though it has a long history in the heart of Prosecco territory, the hilly slopes between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, Zardetto continues to lead the way for the region, particularly in export markets. With new packaging and fresh releases on the way, this producer is a shining example of the quality that stems from seamlessly melding tradition and innovation.

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As one of the leading producers of sparkling wine for more than 40 years, Zardetto’s heritage has long been entrenched in the heart of Prosecco territory. But that doesn’t mean this historic producer is afraid of innovation—it’s quite the opposite, in fact. With new, modern packaging and a fresh line of wines, including the producer’s first Prosecco Rosé, Zardetto proves that heritage and innovation can go hand-in-hand.

Zardetto’s striking new labels, designed by award-winning Italian agency Robilant Associati, are dual-layered, revealing a surprise layer of colorful artwork when peeled back. Each SKU features a unique artwork design, and some also include contemporary Italian expressions, translated into English, that capture the joy of living a celebratory lifestyle. The latest Zardetto releases are also bottled in a new, proprietary bottle shape with the Zardetto name embossed directly into the glass.

But the modern style of this new packaging belies the deep roots that Zardetto has cultivated in the heart of Prosecco country. The winery’s history in this region predates even the Prosecco DOC itself, which was established in 1969; Zardetto’s origins go back to 1936. 

Over the past few decades, Zardetto has established itself as a leader in Italy’s Prosecco category, becoming one of the first to introduce the rest of the world to this  now-beloved style of wine. With a focus on quality grapes from select vineyards, Zardetto’s wines are vibrant and refreshing, balancing the use of state-of-the-art winemaking techniques with traditional practices. 

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Prosecco can be crafted throughout a wide swath of land in the Veneto, but Zardetto’s identity is steeped in the hilly countryside at the center of the region, with vineyards located just between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. These rolling hills vary in elevation between 300 and 1,600 feet, with vines planted on sunny, south-facing slopes. 

With land this special, Zardetto is determined to harness and highlight this terroir through their delicious sparkling wines. Techniques like careful grape selection at harvest ensure that only the highest-quality grapes are used for Zardetto’s wines, and gentle pressing in the producer’s modern winery preserves freshness. Every bottle of Zardetto showcases this exacting philosophy, including the brand-new Zardetto Prosecco Rosé, which are joining the producer’s stellar selection of sparkling wines in June 2021.