6 New Red Blends from Constellation Brands You Must Try This Fall

The visionary drinks company Constellation Brands has been committed to continuous innovation for the past 70 years to maintain its leadership position within the beverage category. And these days, it’s proving that with experience comes wisdom.

Erin Smith, Constellation’s marketing director of Wine & Spirits Innovation, says,“an emphasis on innovation and brand development centers on 360-degree marketing research that canvasses consumers and gatekeepers to get a better understanding of today’s preferences and guide tomorrow’s projections. Disruptive product introductions and market strategies that align with those concepts are things you’ll see us doing more and more.”

Evidence of Constellation’s commitment comes in the form of three new brands in the premium red-wine category that tap into hot trends while creating sustainable and synergistic extensions. Six distinctive new products from Ravage, Spoken Barrel, and 7 Moons have all outperformed in the category, overdelivering on quality and price.

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