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How to Create Product Lists with a Single Click

SevenFifty’s product list feature just got easier, with an “add all” option that helps you create curated lists for customers in seconds

Add all to SevenFifty List

A buyer just mentioned they want to add more local beers to their menu. Now you can create and send them a SevenFifty List of new, local beers from your portfolio in seconds.

An account wants to expand their selection of Italian wines under $19.99. Now you can easily create a SevenFifty List of all the Italian wines you carry between $10 to $15 with one click. 

SevenFifty’s list feature is one of the most versatile presentation tools available to reps. Now, creating product lists like these just got easier. With a simple search and single click, you can create a targeted product SevenFifty List for your customer, which can be shared immediately by email or printed for an in-person meeting. 

How It Works

1. Search Your Portfolio 

Simply set the filters on your SevenFifty Browse tab to get a list of the products you want to highlight from your portfolio.

2. Add All to List
Then click on the new “Add all to list” button. If you have made lists on SevenFifty before, you know that you can add each product one at a time. Now, once you narrow your search results you can add up to 50 products to any list with a single click.

3. Share List 

Next, adjust the product order, add tasting or technical notes, and include any discounted pricing. Then “Generate a PDF” or make your list “public” and share the link with your buyers.

This new feature will save you time and help you respond more quickly to customer requests. It is also your most efficient tool for product marketing campaigns to promote key selections of your portfolio.


A Review of SevenFifty Presentation Tools 

1. Lists

Reps typically use lists to showcase very specific subsets of their portfolios. For example, you can create a list showing all Italian reds between $10 and $15, or all beers from a new brewery, or all Reposados in 375ml. 

2. Sample sheets

Sales reps prefer sample sheets when they are presenting on average six to seven new items to buyers in person.

3. Price books

Reps generate price books to showcase their entire portfolios, or even large sections of it.


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